Tuesday, April 7, 2020

WebLogic 14c silent installation


oracle@ol8 stage]$ java -jar fmw_14. -silent ORACLE_BASE=/u01 ORACLE_HOME=/u01/wls14 JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk-11.0.6
Launcher log file is /tmp/OraInstall2020-04-07_12-31-12PM/launcher2020-04-07_12-31-12PM.log.
Extracting the installer . . . . . . Done
Checking if CPU speed is above 300 MHz.   Actual 2112.000 MHz    Passed
Checking swap space: must be greater than 512 MB.   Actual 4165 MB    Passed
Checking temp space: must be greater than 300 MB.   Actual 29819 MB    Passed
Preparing to launch the Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2020-04-07_12-31-12PM
oraInstFile: /etc/oraInst.loc

You are starting your first installation on this host or you do not have sufficient permission to access current inventory. As part of this install, you need to specify a directory for installer files. This is called the "inventory directory". Within the inventory directory, the installer automatically sets up subdirectories for each product to contain inventory data and will consume typically 150 Kilobytes per product.
It is recommended that this file (oraInst.loc) be created in /etc directory. You need root privileges to do so. You can exit the installer and run the script located in /tmp/createCentralInventory1586233877409.sh to set up the central inventory location.

If you choose not to create the central inventory location pointer file ( /etc/oraInst.loc ) and wish to continue installation you can create a file in any writable location with contents
and run the installer with -invPtrLoc flag.

Eg java -jar -silent -responseFile -invPtrLoc

The log(s) can be found here: /tmp/OraInstall2020-04-07_12-31-12PM.

[root@ol8 u01]# /tmp/createCentralInventory1586233877409.sh /u01/app/oraInventory oinstall
Setting the inventory to /u01/app/oraInventory
Setting the group name to oinstall
Creating inventory pointer file in /etc directory
Creating the Oracle inventory pointer file (/etc/oraInst.loc)
Changing permissions of /u01/app/oraInventory to 770.
Changing groupname of /u01/app/oraInventory to oinstall.
The execution of the script is complete

[oracle@ol8 stage]$ java -jar fmw_14. -silent \
> ORACLE_BASE=/u01 \
> ORACLE_HOME=/u01/wls14 \
> JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk-11.0.6 \
> INVENTORY_LOCATION=/u01/app/oraInventory \
> INSTALL_TYPE="Complete with Examples"
Launcher log file is /tmp/OraInstall2020-04-07_12-59-41PM/launcher2020-04-07_12-59-41PM.log.
Extracting the installer . . . . . Done
Checking if CPU speed is above 300 MHz.   Actual 2112.000 MHz    Passed
Checking swap space: must be greater than 512 MB.   Actual 4165 MB    Passed
Checking temp space: must be greater than 300 MB.   Actual 24772 MB    Passed
Preparing to launch the Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2020-04-07_12-59-41PM
Log: /tmp/OraInstall2020-04-07_12-59-41PM/install2020-04-07_12-59-41PM.log
Setting ORACLE_BASE...
Setting ORACLE_HOME...
Setting JAVA_HOME...
Copyright (c) 1996, 2020, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
Skipping Software Updates
Starting check : CertifiedVersions
Expected result: One of oracle-6, oracle-7, redhat-7, redhat-6, SuSE-11, SuSE-12, SuSE-15
Actual Result: oracle-8.1
Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Passed
CertifiedVersions Check: Success.

Starting check : CheckJDKVersion
Expected result: 1.8.0_191
Actual Result: 11.0.6
Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Passed
CheckJDKVersion Check: Success.

Validations are enabled for this session.
Verifying data
Copying Files
Percent Complete : 10
Percent Complete : 20
Percent Complete : 30
Percent Complete : 40
Percent Complete : 50
Percent Complete : 60
Percent Complete : 70
Percent Complete : 80
Percent Complete : 90
Percent Complete : 100

The installation of Oracle Fusion Middleware 14.1.1 WebLogic Server and Coherence completed successfully.
Logs successfully copied to /u01/app/oraInventory/logs.


[oracle@ol8 bin]$ cd /u01/wls14/oracle_common/common/bin
[oracle@ol8 bin]$ export MW_HOME=/u01/wls14
[oracle@ol8 bin]$ ./commEnv.sh
[oracle@ol8 bin]$ ./wlst.sh

Initializing WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) ...

Jython scans all the jar files it can find at first startup. Depending on the system, this process may take a few minutes to complete, and WLST may not return a prompt right away.

Welcome to WebLogic Server Administration Scripting Shell

Type help() for help on available commands

wls:/offline> readTemplate('/u01/wls14/wlserver/common/templates/wls/wls.jar')
WARNING: The readTemplate is deprecated. Use selectTemplate followed by loadTemplates in place of readTemplate.
wls:/offline/base_domain/Server/AdminServer>set('ListenPort', 7001)
Proxy for AdminServer: Name=AdminServer, Type=SSL
wls:/offline/base_domain/Server/AdminServer/SSL/AdminServer>set('Enabled', 'True')
wls:/offline/base_domain/Server/AdminServer/SSL/AdminServer>set('ListenPort', 7002)
wls:/offline/base_domain/Security/base_domain/User/weblogic>setOption('OverwriteDomain', 'true')

Exiting WebLogic Scripting Tool.


cd /u01/wls14/user_projects/domains/DEV_DOMAIN/bin
./startWebLogic.sh & 
./startNodeManager.sh &

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Oracle 19c silent installation

[oracle@db19c stage]$ ./wget.sh
SSO User Name: user@domain.com <-- enter="" font="" oracle="" sso="" username="">
<-- enter="" font="" oracle="" password="" sso="">

[oracle@db19c stage]$ unzip V982063-01.zip -d /u01/db19/dbhome_1

[opc@db19c stage]$ sudo /bin/chown -HRf oracle:oinstall /u01/db19/dbhome_1

[oracle@db19c bin]$ cp $ORACLE_HOME/install/response/db_install.rsp /u01/stage/db_install.rsp


# Install Oracle software binary
[oracle@db19c bin]$ /u01/db19/dbhome_1/runInstaller -silent -responseFile /u01/stage/db_install.rsp

# Run scripts which need root privileges
[opc@db19c stage]$ sudo /u01/app/oraInventory/orainstRoot.sh
[opc@db19c stage]$ sudo /u01/db19/dbhome_1/root.sh

# Create listener
[oracle@db19c bin]$ export ORACLE_BASE=/u01/app/oracle; export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/db19/dbhome_1; /u01/db19/dbhome_1/bin/netca /orahome /u01/db19/dbhome_1 /instype typical /inscomp client,oraclenet,javavm,server,ano /insprtcl tcp /cfg local /authadp NO_VALUE /responseFile /u01/db19/dbhome_1/network/install/netca_typ.rsp /lisport 1521 /silent /orahnam OraDB19Home1

# Create database (CDB+PDB)
[oracle@db19c bin]$ export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/db19/dbhome_1; export ORACLE_BASE=/u01/app/oracle; /u01/db19/dbhome_1/bin/dbca -silent -createDatabase  -emConfiguration NONE  -templateName 'General_Purpose.dbc' -storageType FS -datafileDestination '/u01/app/oracle/oradata' -datafileJarLocation '/u01/db19/dbhome_1/assistants/dbca/templates' -sampleSchema false -oratabLocation /etc/oratab  -runCVUChecks false -continueOnNonFatalErrors true -createAsContainerDatabase true -numberOfPDBs 1 -pdbName orclpdb1 -gdbName 'ORCL' -sid 'ORCL' -initParams filesystemio_options=setall -ignorePrereqs                                          
Enter SYS user password:
<-- enter="" font="" password="">
Enter SYSTEM user password:
<-- enter="" font="" password="">
Enter PDBADMIN User Password:
<-- enter="" font="" password="">
Prepare for db operation
8% complete
Copying database files
31% complete
Creating and starting Oracle instance
32% complete
36% complete
40% complete
43% complete
46% complete
Completing Database Creation
51% complete
53% complete
54% complete
Creating Pluggable Databases
58% complete
77% complete
Executing Post Configuration Actions
100% complete
Database creation complete. For details check the logfiles at:
Database Information:
Global Database Name:ORCL
System Identifier(SID):ORCL
Look at the log file "/u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/dbca/ORCL/ORCL.log" for further details.

# Below software installation command only work if ORACLE_HOME is /u01/app/oracle/product/19.0.0/dbhome_1
[oracle@db19c stage]$ /u01/db19/dbhome_1/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -ignoreSysPrereqs -waitforcompletion -attachHome INVENTORY_LOCATION='/u01/app/oraInventory' ORACLE_HOME='/u01/db19/dbhome_1' ORACLE_HOME_NAME='OraDB19Home1' ORACLE_BASE='/u01/app/oracle'   -local