Friday, August 16, 2019

How to limit NiFi resource usage

File to modify: /opt/nifi-1.9.2/bin/

    if [ "$1" = "start" ]; then
        ( eval "cd ${NIFI_HOME} && ${run_nifi_cmd}" & )> /dev/null 1>&-
        sleep 10
        taskset -pc 0 `cat /opt/nifi-1.9.2/run/`

To verify:

root@devops bin]# ./ start JAVA_HOME not set; results may vary

Java home:
NiFi home: /opt/nifi-1.9.2

Bootstrap Config File: /opt/nifi-1.9.2/conf/bootstrap.conf

pid 4427's current affinity list: 0-2
pid 4427's new affinity list: 0

[root@devops bin]# taskset  -p `cat /opt/nifi-1.9.2/run/`
pid 4427's current affinity mask: 1

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Tips to identify yarn applications from resource manager for Hive Tez sessions

How To:

Use "hive.query.tag" at the connection string or set using "set hive.query.tag=usertag"

beeline -n hive -u jdbc:hive2://hdp:10000/default?hive.query.tag=donghuatag


[root@hdp ~]# yarn application -list -appTags donghuatag
19/08/06 21:52:30 INFO client.RMProxy: Connecting to ResourceManager at
Total number of applications (application-types: [], states: [SUBMITTED, ACCEPTED, RUNNING] and tags: [donghuatag]):1
                Application-Id      Application-Name      Application-Type        User       Queue               State         Final-State         Progress                        Tracking-URL
application_1565096253064_0004  HIVE-7c5ec7e6-6944-483d-bf2d-b7a2d18ad7c1                  TEZ        hive     default             RUNNING           UNDEFINED               0%                http://hdp:41592/ui/