Sunday, September 19, 2010

Identify the Current Version of SQL Server 2000

To identify the installed version of SQL Server 2000 Database Components

Execute one of the following queries against an instance of the database engine by using isql, osql, or Query Analyzer.


Find out your version of Database Components by means of the following table. SQL Server 2000 Version and Level @@VERSION Product Level

>>> SQL Server 2000 Original Release 8.00.194 RTM
>>> Database Components SP1 8.00.384 SP1
>>> Database Components SP2 8.00.534 SP2
>>> Database Components SP3, SP3a or MSDE 2000 Release A. 8.00.760 SP3
>>> Database Components SP4 8.00.2039 SP4

Note Your product version may be different than these values if you applied a hotfix after installing the product or after installing a previous service pack. For example, @@VERSION returns a value of 8.00.818 after you apply the security fix MS03-031 to SQL Server 2000 SP3a.

(Optional) If you are not sure whether you are running an edition of the SQL Server 2000 database engine or MSDE 2000, use isql, osql or Query Analyzer to execute the following query against the instance in question.
If this query returns "desktop engine," you are running an instance of MSDE 2000; otherwise, you are running an instance of SQL Server 2000 database engine.

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