Saturday, July 11, 2015

Oracle FailSafe Security Setup Tool Must be Run With Administrative Privileges

If a user is not logged into an account with administrative privileges and they start the Oracle Services for MSCS Security Setup utility (FsSvrSec.bat) from the Windows Start menu, the utility executes and reports that it ran sucessfully, even though it did not actually succeed in changing the account or password for the OracleMSCSServices service. The Windows Application event log shows the following events (note that error 5 is ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED, "Access is denied"):
Failed to open Service Control Manager with error: 5
Unable to set the user account for OracleMSCSServices service.
Unable to open cluster on local node.
Failed to open cluster with error 0

Failed to register Oracle Services for MSCS server with error: 10007.
Failed to create NT registry key AppID\{239D150B-FA41-11D1-BF40-00805FE9145B} with error: 5
Unable to set RunAs for OracleMSCSServices DCOM component.
To successfully run the tool, it is necessary to login to an account that has administrative privileges, or the FsSvrSec.bat file must be started from an MS-DOS command prompt that has been started with the Run as administrator option selected.

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