Tuesday, August 17, 2021

How to troubleshot "ORA-29106: Cannot import PKCS #12 wallet."

 [donghua@myhost ~]$ sql user/pass@db1_ssl

SQLcl: Release 21.2 Production on Tue Aug 17 03:01:21 2021

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  USER          = 

  URL           = jdbc:oracle:oci8:@db1_ssl

  Error Message = ORA-29106: Cannot import PKCS #12 wallet.

  USER          = 

  URL           = jdbc:oracle:thin:@db1_ssl

  Error Message = IO Error: Unknown host specified

Make sure that wallet is created with -auto_login instead of -auto_login_local

orapki wallet create -wallet "/u01/app/oracle/wallet" -pwd Welcome123 -auto_login


1. Use -auto_login_local option to create an auto login wallet (cwallet.sso) that is local to both the computer on which it is created and the user who created it.
2. Make sure "chmod 644 /u01/app/oracle/wallet/*" if you intend to share the wallet to other users 

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