Saturday, February 5, 2022

Key partition feature improvements across versions

  •  Prior to v10: 
    • Partitioning via table inheritance, CHECK constraints and triggers
  • V10: 
    • Native partition tables, through declarative partitioning
  • V11: 
    • Support HASH partitioning method
    • Support PK/UK/FK for partitioned tables
    • Automatic creation indexes for each partitions
    • Support DEFAULT partition for values not included in partitions
    • Support Partition-wise join and aggregation
  • V12: 
    • New functions to view partition structure: pg_partition_tree, pg_partition_root, pg_partition_ancestors
  • V13:
    • Support logical replication
    • Support ROW level BEFORE INSERT trigger
  • V14: 
    • Support REINDEX on partitioned table 
    • Support pg_dump restore single partition as a table
    • Support different collation for different partitions

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