Sunday, March 6, 2022

Oracle 21c underscore (hidden) parameters and double-underscore parameters


Underscore (_) parameters in 21c:

SELECT /*+ use_hash(x y) */
    ksppinm name,
    ksppstvl value,
    ksppdesc description
    x$ksppi    x,
    x$ksppcv   y
    ( x.indx = y.indx )
    AND bitand(ksppiflg, 268435456) = 0
    AND ksppinm not like '\_\_%' escape '\'
ORDER BY ksppinm;
DBFIPS_140FALSEEnable use of crypographic libraries in FIPS mode, public
_4030_dump_bitvec4095bitvec to specify dumps prior to 4030 error
_4031_dump_bitvec67194879bitvec to specify dumps prior to 4031 error
_4031_dump_interval300Dump 4031 error once for each n-second interval
_4031_max_dumps100Maximum number of 4031 dumps for this process
_4031_sga_dump_interval3600Dump 4031 SGA heapdump error once for each n-second interval
_4031_sga_max_dumps10Maximum number of SGA heapdumps
_AllowMultInsteadofDDLTrigger0Oracle internal parameter to allow multiple instead of DDL triggers
_EnableDDLTtriggerTracingFALSEenable ddl trigger tracing
_EnableShadowTypesFALSEenable shadow types
_ILM_FILTER_TIME0Upper filter time for ILM block compression
_ILM_FILTER_TIME_LOWER0Lower filter time for ILM block compression
_ILM_POLICY_NAMEFALSEUser specified ILM policy name
_NUMA_bind_modedefaultNuma bind mode
_NUMA_float_spawnerFALSEfloat process spawner
_NUMA_instance_mappingNot specifiedSet of nodes that this instance should run on
_NUMA_pool_sizeNot specifiedaggregate size in bytes of NUMA pool
_PX_use_large_poolFALSEUse Large Pool as source of PX buffers
_REMOVE_STDBY_OLD_KEY_AFTER_CHECKPOINT_SCNTRUERemove standby old key after checkpoint SCN
_STFForceTranslateOracleSQLFALSEif TRUE translation profile will translate Oracle SQL statements
_STFTranslateDynamicSQLFALSEif TRUE translation profile will translate dynamic SQL statements
_VIEW_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITYFALSEView Dictionary Accessibility Support
_abort_on_mrp_crashFALSEabort database instance when MRP crashes
_abort_recovery_on_joinFALSEif TRUE, abort recovery on join reconfigurations
_ac_enable_dscn_in_racFALSEEnable Dependent Commit SCN tracking
_ac_strict_SCN_checkFALSEenforce strict SCN check for AC replay across DG failover
_accept_versionsList of parameters for rolling operation
_actgrp_spawn_offloadTRUEaction group spawn offload
_active_instance_count1024number of active instances in the cluster database
_active_session_idle_limit5active session idle limit
_active_session_legacy_behaviorFALSEactive session legacy behavior
_active_standby_fast_reconfigurationTRUEif TRUE optimize dlm reconfiguration for active/standby OPS
_adaptive_direct_readTRUEAdaptive Direct Read
_adaptive_direct_writeTRUEAdaptive Direct Write
_adaptive_fetch_enabledTRUEenable/disable adaptive fetch in parallel group by
_adaptive_log_file_sync_high_switch_freq_threshold3Threshold for frequent log file sync mode switches (per minute)
_adaptive_log_file_sync_poll_aggressiveness0Polling interval selection bias (conservative=0, aggressive=100)
_adaptive_log_file_sync_sampling_count128Evaluate post/wait versus polling every N writes
_adaptive_log_file_sync_sampling_time3Evaluate post/wait versus polling every N seconds
_adaptive_log_file_sync_sched_delay_window60Window (in seconds) for measuring average scheduling delay
_adaptive_log_file_sync_use_polling_threshold200Ratio of redo synch time to expected poll time as a percentage
_adaptive_log_file_sync_use_postwait_threshold50Percentage of foreground load from when post/wait was last used
_adaptive_log_file_sync_use_postwait_threshold_aging1001Permille of foreground load from when post/wait was last used
_adaptive_scalable_log_writer_disable_worker_threshold50Percentage of overlap across multiple outstanding writes
_adaptive_scalable_log_writer_enable_worker_aging999900Per million of redo gen rate when LGWR workers were last used
_adaptive_scalable_log_writer_enable_worker_threshold200Increase in redo generation rate as a percentage
_adaptive_scalable_log_writer_evaluation_fraction100Serial/parallel log writer evaluation fraction (in 10000ths)
_adaptive_scalable_log_writer_evaluation_interval60Serial/parallel log writer evaluation interval (in seconds)
_adaptive_scalable_log_writer_sampling_count128Evaluate single versus scalable LGWR every N writes
_adaptive_scalable_log_writer_sampling_time3Evaluate single versus scalable LGWR every N seconds
_adaptive_window_consolidator_enabledTRUEenable/disable adaptive window consolidator PX plan
_add_col_optim_enabledTRUEAllows new add column optimization
_add_nullable_column_with_default_optimTRUEAllows add of a nullable column with default optimization
_add_stale_mv_to_dependency_listTRUEadd stale mv to dependency list
_add_trim_for_nlssortTRUEadd trimming for fixed char semantics
_addm_auto_actions_enabledTRUEdetermines if ADDM can automatically implement its recommendations
_addm_auto_enableTRUEgoverns whether ADDM gets run automatically after every AWR snapshot
_addm_skiprulescomma-separated list of ADDM nodes to skip
_addm_version_checkTRUEgoverns whether ADDM checks the input AWR snapshot version
_adg_adt_redirect_apply_lag_threshold12000Maximum centi-secends of apply lag threshold
_adg_adt_redirect_catchup_wait_time12000Maximum centi-secends for standby to catch up
_adg_auto_close_pdbTRUEADG recovery auto close PDB upon PDB drop/unplug/rename marker
_adg_count_beyond_limit0Count the total number of objects if beyond redo marker length.
_adg_defer_segstatTRUEDefer the segment statistics update on standby.
_adg_distributed_lockmasterFALSEstandby runs under ADG distributed lockmaster mode
_adg_influx_qscn_gap0maximium time gap between influx scn and qscn update in seconds
_adg_instance_recoveryTRUEenable ADG instance recovery
_adg_objectlock_attempts2Maximum attemps for objectlock get on ADG
_adg_objectlock_maxnum1000The maximum limit of the objectlock number on ADG
_adg_objectlock_timeout0timeout for objectlock get on ADG in centiseconds
_adg_parselock_timeout0timeout for parselock get on ADG in centiseconds
_adg_parselock_timeout_sleep100sleep duration after a parselock timeout on ADG in milliseconds
_adg_redirect_upd_to_primary_max_retries500max retries for ADT redirect to Primary from ADG
_adjust_literal_replacementFALSEIf TRUE, we will adjust the SQL/PLUS output
_adr_migrate_runonceTRUEEnable/disable ADR Migrate Runonce action
_advanced_index_compression_cmp_options0advanced index compression cmp options
_advanced_index_compression_opt_options0advanced index compression opt options
_advanced_index_compression_options0advanced index compression options
_advanced_index_compression_options_value0advanced index compression options2
_advanced_index_compression_recmp_crsz10advanced index compression limit recomp cr
_advanced_index_compression_recmp_cusz90advanced index compression limit recomp cu
_advanced_index_compression_recmp_nprg10advanced index compression limit recomp pu
_advanced_index_compression_trace0advanced index compression trace
_advanced_index_compression_tst_options0advanced index compression tst options
_advanced_index_compression_umem_options2147483647advanced index compression umem options
_afd_disable_fenceFALSEDisable AFD fencing
_affinity_onTRUEenable/disable affinity at run time
_age_block_batch_timeout_ms1000timeout before shipping out the batched age blockmessages in milliseconds
_aged_out_cursor_cache_time300number of seconds an aged out session cached cursor stay in cache
_aggregation_optimization_settings0settings for aggregation optimizations
_aiowait_timeouts100Number of aiowait timeouts before error is reported
_alert_expiration604800seconds before an alert message is moved to exception queue
_alert_message_cleanup1Enable Alert Message Cleanup
_alert_message_purge1Enable Alert Message Purge
_alert_post_background1Enable Background Alert Posting
_alert_segment_size10Alert-log segment size in MBs (1024*1024)
_alert_segment_textfileFALSEAlert-log text-file also to be segmented
_alert_segments_max0Alert-log max segments to retain, 0 for unlimited
_all_shared_dblinkstreat all dblinks as shared
_alloc_perm_as_freeFALSEallocate permanent chunks as freeable
_allocate_creation_orderFALSEshould files be examined in creation order during allocation
_allocate_flashback_bufferFALSEAllocate flashback buffer at mount time even if flashback is off
_allocation_update_interval3interval at which successful search in L1 should be updated
_allow_cell_smart_scan_attrTRUEAllow checking smart_scan_capable Attr
_allow_commutativityTRUEallow for commutativity of +, * when comparing expressions
_allow_compatibility_adv_w_grpFALSEallow advancing DB compatibility with guaranteed restore points
_allow_convert_to_standbyFALSEallow convert to standby to go through
_allow_cross_endian_dictionaryFALSEAllow cross-endian data dictionary
_allow_cross_version_chunk_moveFALSEOracle internal parameter
_allow_drop_snapshot_standby_grspFALSEAllow dropping snapshot standby guaranteed restore point
_allow_drop_ts_with_grpFALSEAllow drop Tablespace with guaranteed restore points
_allow_error_simulationFALSEAllow error simulation for testing
_allow_fallback_to_dbkeyFALSEif TRUE, allow fallback to dbkey
_allow_file_1_offline_error_1245FALSEdon't signal ORA-1245 due to file 1 being offline
_allow_insert_with_update_checkFALSEAllow INSERT as statement_types when update_check is FALSE
_allow_level_without_connect_byFALSEallow level without connect by
_allow_privileged_session_dblink_connFALSEAllow privileged session for dblink connection
_allow_read_only_corruptionFALSEallow read-only open even if database is corrupt
_allow_resetlogs_corruptionFALSEallow resetlogs even if it will cause corruption
_allow_synonym_for_credentialTRUEAllow public/private synonym for scheduler credential
_allow_terminal_recovery_corruptionFALSEFinish terminal recovery even if it may cause corruption
_allow_triggers_on_vpd_tableFALSEAllow triggers on VPD protected table in DML
_allow_xdb_anonymous_logonFALSEAllow XDB anonymous logon
_allowed_pvf_ownersList of schemas allowed to own password verification function
_alter_adg_redirect_behaviornoneAlter ADG's Redirection behavior
_alter_upgrade_signature_onlyFALSEalter table upgrade only sets signature
_alternate_iot_leaf_block_split_pointsTRUEenable alternate index-organized table leaf-block split-points
_always_anti_joinCHOOSEalways use this method for anti-join when possible
_always_semi_joinCHOOSEalways use this method for semi-join when possible
_always_star_transformationFALSEalways favor use of star transformation
_always_vector_transformationFALSEalways favor use of vector transformation
_analyze_comprehensiveFALSEAnalyze comprehensive mode
_and_pruning_enabledTRUEallow partition pruning based on multiple mechanisms
_app_container_debug0Enable Debug tracing in Application container
_app_default_containersFALSEcontainers_default and container_map enabled by default on MDL application object
_app_ignore_errorsTRUEignore errors during containers() on application object
_app_replay_silent_errorsFALSEsilently ignore all errors during application sync
_application_purge_enabledTRUEIs an application purge allowed
_application_scriptFALSERunning an application script
_apppdb_multi_slave_syncFALSEMultiple slaves used during Application sync
_appqos_cdb_setting0QoSM CDB Performance Class Setting
_appqos_po_multiplier1000Multiplier for PC performance objective value
_appqos_qt10System Queue time retrieval interval
_approx_cnt_distinct_gby_pushdownchooseperform group-by pushdown for approximate distinct count query
_approx_cnt_distinct_optimization0settings for approx_count_distinct optimizations
_approx_perc_sampling_err_rate2error rate percentage of approximate percentile using sampling
_approx_percentile_optimization0settings for approx_percentile optimization
_apx_root_directoryAPXAPX default root directory
_aq_Txn_ht_sz1024Message cache Txn Hash table size
_aq_addpt_batch_size1Add PT batch Size
_aq_dly_bkt2Delay Bucket Size
_aq_dq_prefetch_Siz5AQ PT DQ prefech Size
_aq_dqblocks_in_cache0deq blocks in cache
_aq_droppt_batch_size5Drop PT batch Size
_aq_free_list_pools10state object and transaction memory pools
_aq_init_shards5Minimum enqueue shards per queue at an instance
_aq_ipc_max_slave10maximum number of slaves for knlpipcm
_aq_latency_absolute_threshold300Absolute threshold greater than average latency
_aq_latency_relative_threshold100Relative threshold of average latency
_aq_lb_cycle120Time(seconds) between consecutive AQ load balancing efforts
_aq_lb_garbage_col_interval600AQ LB garbage collect interval
_aq_lb_stats_collect_cycle45Time(seconds) between consecutive AQ load statistics collection
_aq_lb_subht_bkt_ltch32AQ LB subscriber ht bucket latches
_aq_lb_subht_elm_ltch128AQ LB subscriber ht element latches
_aq_lookback_size60AQ PT Look Back Size
_aq_max_pdb_close_msg1Max Number of AQ Recovery Messages when pdb is closed
_aq_max_scan_delay1500Maximum allowable scan delay for AQ indexes and IOTs
_aq_opt_background_enabledTRUEAQ: OPT Operations Background enabled
_aq_opt_enabledTRUEAQ: OPT Operations enabled
_aq_opt_fudge_factor500AQ: OPT Fudge Factor for pre-fretching
_aq_opt_min_evict_memory0AQ: OPT LWM memory for eviction to stop
_aq_opt_preevict_dop3AQ: OPT Background: PreEvict Degree Of Parallelism
_aq_opt_prefetch_dop3AQ: OPT Background: Prefetch Degree Of Parallelism
_aq_opt_prefetch_horizon60AQ: OPT horizon for pre-fretching
_aq_opt_stat_window21600AQ: OPT Subscriber Statistics Window Size
_aq_opt_stop_statFALSEAQ: OPT Stop Collection of Subscriber Statistics
_aq_pt_processes10Partition background processes
_aq_pt_shrink_frequency1450PT shrink window Size
_aq_pt_statistics_window60PT statistics sample window Size
_aq_qt_prefetch_Size5AQ PT QT prefech Size
_aq_queue_global_serviceAQ queue global service
_aq_retry_timeouts0retry timeouts
_aq_scrambled_deqlog1scrambled deqlog
_aq_shard_bitmap_child_latches32Bitmap child latches
_aq_shard_child_latches512Shard child latches
_aq_shard_prty_latches16Shard priority child latches
_aq_shard_retry_child_latches32Retry child latches
_aq_shard_sub_child_Elem_latches1024Subscriber Element child latches
_aq_shard_sub_child_latches512Subscriber child latches
_aq_shard_txn_child_latches128Txn child latches
_aq_stop_backgroundsFALSEStop all AQ background processes
_aq_streaming_threshold10485760large payload threshold size
_aq_subshard_Size20000Sub Shard Size
_aq_subshards_per_dqpartition1SubShards Per Deq Partition
_aq_subshards_per_qpartition1SubShards Per Q Partition
_aq_tm_deqcountinterval0dequeue count interval for Time Managers to cleanup DEQ IOT BLOCKS
_aq_tm_processes_dump_interval12Time(minutes) between consecutive Dumps in alert log
_aq_tm_scanlimit0scan limit for Time Managers to clean up IOT
_aq_tm_statistics_duration0statistics collection window duration
_aq_truncpt_batch_size1Trunc PT batch Size
_aq_uncached_stats0Uncached Stats
_aq_x_mode1AQ - cross mode
_aq_x_msg_size32768AQ cross single message buffer size
_aqsharded_cache_limit0Limit for cached enqueue/dequeue operations
_aqsharded_cached_hint0sharded queue cached hint
_aqsharded_enq_fresh_ptn_reloadTRUEstart enqueueing to a fresh partition on reload
_aqsharded_lowmem_timeout1000sharded queue low mem timeout (in centiseconds)
_aqsharded_reload_tune2sharded queue tune reload behaviour
_arch_comp_dbg_scan0archive compression scan debug
_arch_comp_dec_block_check_dump1decompress archive compression blocks for checking and dumping
_arch_compress_checksumsFALSEenable/disable row checksums for archive compressed blocks
_arch_compressionTRUEarchive compression enabled
_arch_io_slaves0ARCH I/O slaves
_array_cdb_view_enabledTRUEarray mode enabled for CDB views
_array_update_vector_read_enabledFALSEEnable array update vector read
_ash_compression_enableFALSETo enable or disable string compression in ASH
_ash_disk_filter_ratio10Ratio of the number of in-memory samples to the number of samples actually written to disk
_ash_disk_write_enableTRUETo enable or disable Active Session History flushing
_ash_dummy_test_param0Oracle internal dummy ASH parameter used ONLY for testing!
_ash_eflush_trigger66The percentage above which if the in-memory ASH is full the emergency flusher will be triggered
_ash_enableTRUETo enable or disable Active Session sampling and flushing
_ash_min_mmnl_dump90Minimum Time interval passed to consider MMNL Dump
_ash_progressive_flush_interval300ASH Progressive Flush interval in secs
_ash_sample_allFALSETo enable or disable sampling every connected session including ones waiting for idle waits
_ash_sampling_interval1000Time interval between two successive Active Session samples in millisecs
_ash_size1048618To set the size of the in-memory Active Session History buffers
_asm_accessautoASM File access mechanism
_asm_access_assume_localFALSEAssume IOS client is in the same cluster as IOS
_asm_acd_chunks1initial ACD chunks created
_asm_admin_with_sysdbaFALSEDoes the sysdba role have administrative privileges on ASM?
_asm_allow_appliance_dropdisk_noforceFALSEAllow DROP DISK/FAILUREGROUP NOFORCE on ASM Appliances
_asm_allow_appliance_offlineonlineFALSEAllow OFFLINE/ONLINE DISK/FAILUREGROUP on ASM Appliances
_asm_allow_dangerous_unprotected_volumesFALSEDisable checking for unprotected volumes in mirrored disk groups
_asm_allow_dgname_special_charsFALSEEnable the use of special characters in diskgroup names
_asm_allow_foreign_siteguidsDisable checking for foreign siteguid on a given node
_asm_allow_lvm_resilveringTRUEEnable disk resilvering for external redundancy
_asm_allow_older_clientsFALSEAllow older clients to connect to the ASM server
_asm_allow_only_raw_disksTRUEDiscovery only raw devices
_asm_allow_prepare_splitTRUEAllow database prepare and split in non-appliance mode
_asm_allow_small_memory_targetFALSEAllow a small memory_target for ASM instances
_asm_allow_system_alias_renameFALSEif system alias renaming is allowed
_asm_allow_unsafe_reconnectTRUEattempt unsafe reconnect to ASM
_asm_allowdegeneratemountsFALSEAllow force-mounts of DGs w/o proper quorum
_asm_appliance_config_fileAppliance configuration file name
_asm_appliance_disable_fg_checkFALSEDisable failure group check
_asm_appliance_ignore_oakFALSEIgnore OAK appliance library
_asm_appliance_slot_from_pathFALSEGet appliance disk slot from disk path
_asm_asmb_max_wait_timeout6timeout before processes are signaled with network interrupt
_asm_asmb_rcvto10Receive timeout for ASMB in seconds
_asm_async_scrub_reap_wait100000Async scrubbing reaping IO wait in microseconds
_asm_audit_sp_paramASM audit spare parameter
_asm_ausize1048576allocation unit size
_asm_auto_online_intervalauto online interval
_asm_automatic_rezoneTRUEautomatically rebalance free space across zones
_asm_avoid_pst_scansTRUEAvoid PST Scans
_asm_blksize4096metadata block size
_asm_br_listener_port51521Bitrotter listener port for testing purpose
_asm_brfuzz_ios_lsnrport0IOS listener port for fuzzing with Bitrotter
_asm_buffer_overlap_tracerFALSEEnables kfioBufOverlapTracer
_asm_cancel_alert_time600Wait time for I/O cancel alert message (in seconds)
_asm_cancel_delta75000Delta timeout for blocking big writes in milliseconds
_asm_cclient_cleanup_timeout300timeout before cleaning up remote cluster clients
_asm_check_for_misbehaving_cf_clientsFALSEcheck for misbehaving CF-holding clients
_asm_compatibility11.2.0.2default ASM compatibility level
_asm_dba_batch500000ASM Disk Based Allocation Max Batch Size
_asm_dba_spcchk_thld100000ASM Disk Based Allocation Space Check Threshold
_asm_dba_threshold0ASM Disk Based Allocation Threshold
_asm_dbmsdg_nohdrchkFALSEdbms_diskgroup.checkfile does not check block headers
_asm_dependency_under_cfenqueueTRUESend dependency request if holding CF enqueue
_asm_diag_dead_clientsFALSEdiagnostics for dead clients
_asm_direct_con_expire_time120Expire time for idle direct connection to ASM instance
_asm_disable_amdu_dumpFALSEDisable AMDU dump
_asm_disable_async_msgsFALSEdisable async intra-instance messaging
_asm_disable_dangerous_failgroup_checkingFALSEDisable checking for dubious failgroup configurations
_asm_disable_failgroup_count_checkingFALSEDisable checking for failure group count
_asm_disable_failgroup_size_checkingFALSEDisable checking for failure group size
_asm_disable_multiple_instance_checkFALSEDisable checking for multiple ASM instances on a given node
_asm_disable_patch_compatFALSEdisable DG patch compatibility checks
_asm_disable_proact_client_cleanupFALSEdisable proactive client cleanup
_asm_disable_profilediscoveryFALSEdisable profile query for discovery
_asm_disable_request_tracerTRUEDisable kfioRqTracer
_asm_disable_smr_creationFALSEDo Not create smr
_asm_disable_ufg_dumpFALSEdisable terminated umbilicus diagnostic
_asm_disable_ufgmemberkillFALSEdisable ufg member kill
_asm_disable_vtoc_checkFALSEDisable vtoc/sector 0 check
_asm_disable_vxn_map_messagesFALSEdisable using vxn map messages
_asm_disk_repair_time14400seconds to wait before dropping a failing disk
_asm_diskerr_traces2Number of read/write errors per disk a process can trace
_asm_diskgroup_renew_timeout20timeout FENC will give former ASMB group owner to renew
_asm_diskgroups2disk groups to mount automatically set 2
_asm_diskgroups3disk groups to mount automatically set 3
_asm_diskgroups4disk groups to mount automatically set 4
_asm_dump_split_pw10Seconds to wait before requesting dump of split pending writes
_asm_emulate_nfs_diskFALSEEmulate NFS disk test event
_asm_emulmax10000max number of concurrent disks to emulate I /O errors
_asm_emultimeout0timeout before emulation begins (in 3s ticks)
_asm_enable_batch_scrubFALSEAllow scrubbing verification to run in batch mode
_asm_enable_kfiosFALSEEnable KFIOS module
_asm_enable_kfksFALSEEnable KFKS module
_asm_enable_lostwrite_scrubFALSEAllow lost write detection in scrubbing
_asm_enable_map_shareTRUEEnable ASM extent map share
_asm_enable_multiple_asmbTRUEAllow the ASM client to have multiple ASMB background processes
_asm_enable_parity_scrubFALSEAllow scrubbing parity files
_asm_enable_parityfile_creationTRUEEnable parity files creation
_asm_enable_repair_lostwrite_scrubFALSEAllow repairing lost write in scrubbing
_asm_enable_vfreloc_on_rmFALSEEnable voting file relocation on rolling migration
_asm_enable_xrovFALSEEnable XROV capability
_asm_evenread2ASM Even Read level
_asm_evenread_alpha0ASM Even Read Alpha
_asm_evenread_alpha20ASM Even Read Second Alpha
_asm_evenread_faststart0ASM Even Read Fast Start Threshold
_asm_fail_random_rxFALSERandomly fail some RX enqueue gets
_asm_fd_cln_idle_sess_twait60000000Idle session time wait to run ASM FD cleanup
_asm_fd_cln_on_fgTRUEASM stale FD cleanup on foregrounds
_asm_fob_tac_frequency9Timeout frequency for FOB cleanup
_asm_force_parity_extent_checkFALSEForce parity extent integrity check
_asm_force_paritycheck_rebalanceFALSEForce parity extent integrity check during rebalance
_asm_force_quiesceFALSEForce diskgroup quiescing
_asm_force_vamFALSEforce VAM for external redundancy
_asm_frag_threshold50Percentage threshold before disk/diskgroup is deemed fragmented
_asm_global_dump_level267System state dump level for ASM asserts
_asm_hard_checkTRUEH.A.R.D. check buffer before write operation
_asm_hbeatiowait120number of secs to wait for PST Async Hbeat IO return
_asm_hbeatwaitquantum2quantum used to compute time-to-wait for a PST Hbeat check
_asm_healthcheck_timeout180seconds until health check takes action
_asm_idn_processes0number of global open processes
_asm_imbalance_tolerance3hundredths of a percentage of inter-disk imbalance to tolerate
_asm_instlock_quota0ASM Instance Lock Quota
_asm_ios_network_domains0number of domains in ASM IOSERVER instance
_asm_ios_network_processes0number network processes per domain in ASM IOSERVER instance
_asm_iosconnect_timeout0Time (in 3secs multiples) before db gives up on connecting to IOS
_asm_iosfailover_freq3Frequency limit after which db gives up on failing over to IOS
_asm_iosfailover_timeout5Time window within which db tries to failover to IOS
_asm_iostat_latch_count31ASM I/O statistics latch count
_asm_iowp_max_async0maximum async IOs per IO worker process
_asm_kfdpevent0KFDP event
_asm_kill_unresponsive_clientsTRUEkill unresponsive ASM clients
_asm_librariesufslibrary search order for discovery
_asm_log_scale_rebalanceFALSERebalance power uses logarithmic scale
_asm_lsod_bucket_size67ASM lsod bucket size
_asm_max_aux_cods5maximum number of auxiliary cods in sparse disk groups
_asm_max_clients1000maximum number of clients this IOS instance can service
_asm_max_cod_strides10maximum number of COD strides
_asm_max_connected_clients3The high water mark value for connected clients
_asm_max_kfsg_free_heap_perc10Max percentage of SGA memory reserved for kfsga free heap
_asm_max_kfsg_free_heap_size524288000Max buffer size reserved for kfsga free heap
_asm_max_occupied90Maximum percentage of disk occupied to check for fragmentation
_asm_max_parallelios256Maximum simultaneous outstanding IOs
_asm_max_redo_buffer_size2097152asm maximum redo buffer size
_asm_maxio1048576Maximum size of individual I/O request
_asm_min_compatibility11.2.0.2default mininum ASM compatibility level
_asm_min_occupied50Minimum percentage of disk occupied to check for fragmentation
_asm_netp_factor0number of network processes per net
_asm_netp_iosize0maximum io size
_asm_network_timeout1Keepalive timeout for ASM network connections
_asm_networksASM network subnet addresses
_asm_node_numberASM node number
_asm_node_site_guidASM site GUID of node
_asm_nodekill_escalate_time180secs until escalating to nodekill if fence incomplete
_asm_noevenread_diskgroupsList of disk groups having even read disabled
_asm_oda_typeODA Type
_asm_odapremchkTRUECheck premature storage for ODA
_asm_offline_wait_timeout300Timeout for offline wait
_asm_offload_allFALSEOffload all write operations to Exadata cells, when supported
_asm_ownerid_trace_timeout600ownerid tracing threshold in seconds
_asm_partner_target_disk_part8target maximum number of disk partners for repartnering
_asm_partner_target_fg_rel4target maximum number of failure group relationships for repartnering
_asm_primary_load1Number of cycles/extents to load for non-mirrored files
_asm_primary_load_cyclesTRUETrue if primary load is in cycles, false if extent counts
_asm_procs_trace_diskerr5Number of processes allowed to trace a disk failure
_asm_proxy_online_restart0Allow patching while ADVM volumes are online
_asm_proxy_startwait60Maximum time to wait for ASM proxy connection
_asm_pst_rsinfo0file redundancies to consider during PST liveness checks
_asm_pstonpartnersTRUESelect ideal PST disks following partnership
_asm_random_zoneFALSERandom zones for new files
_asm_read_cancelAUTORead cancel timeout in milliseconds
_asm_read_cancel_back_out5000Time period in milliseconds when no reads are issued to a disk after a read is cancelled
_asm_rebalance_estimates_processTRUEPerform rebalance estimates in ARB-A process
_asm_rebalance_plan_size120maximum rebalance work unit
_asm_rebalance_space_errors1000number of out of space errors allowed before aborting rebalance
_asm_reloc_cicFALSEAllow relocation during rolling migration
_asm_relocation_async_lock_count128limit of asynchronous map locks during relocation
_asm_relocation_ignore_hard_failure0ignore HARD for relocation
_asm_relocation_schemealloc_p2 alloc_s3 reb_p2 reb_s1 bal_p2 bal_s3 prep_p2 prep_s3ASM allocation / relocation scheme
_asm_relocation_traceFALSEenable extent relocation tracing
_asm_remote_client_timeout300timeout before killing disconnected remote clients
_asm_repairquantum60quantum (in 3s) used to compute elapsed time for disk drop
_asm_reserve_slavesTRUEreserve ASM slaves for CF txns
_asm_resyncCkpt1024number of extents to resync before flushing checkpoint
_asm_root_directoryASMASM default root directory
_asm_runtime_capability_volume_supportFALSEruntime capability for volume support returns supported
_asm_scrub_asyncTRUEEnable asynchronous scrubbing
_asm_scrub_disable_codFALSEDisable scrubbing COD
_asm_scrub_limitAUTOASM disk scrubbing power
_asm_scrub_max_cod_wait5Number of minutes to delay scrub COD recovery
_asm_scrub_strictFALSEEnable strict scrubbing mode
_asm_scrub_unmatched_dba1024Scrub maximum number of blocks with unmatched DBA
_asm_secondary_load10000Number of cycles/extents to load for mirrored files
_asm_secondary_load_cyclesFALSETrue if secondary load is in cycles, false if extent counts
_asm_serialize_volume_rebalanceFALSESerialize volume rebalance
_asm_shadow_cycle3Inverse shadow cycle requirement
_asm_shared_pool_latch_timeout30seconds before terminating inst if ASMB is waiting for shared pool latch during shutdown
_asm_showpdb_asmtblFALSEAllow asm table values to be shown in pdb
_asm_skip_dbfile_iosFALSESkip I/Os to database files (do only ASM metadata I/O)
_asm_skip_diskval_checkFALSEskip client side discovery for disk revalidate
_asm_skip_rename_checkFALSEskip the checking of the clients for s/w compatibility for rename
_asm_skip_resize_checkFALSEskip the checking of the clients for s/w compatibility for resize
_asm_slow_client_timeout_percentage50Percentage of the write cancel timeout to detect slow client.
_asm_storagemaysplitFALSEPST Split Possible
_asm_stripesize131072ASM file stripe size
_asm_stripewidth8ASM file stripe width
_asm_sync_rebalanceFALSERebalance uses sync I/O
_asm_tcp_user_timeout1TCP_USER_TIMEOUT in minutes
_asm_trace_limit_timeout30000Time-out in milliseconds to reset the number of traces per disk and the number of processes allowed to trace
_asm_ufg_nw_wait_timeout10seconds to start health check on unresponsive clients
_asm_usd_batch64ASM USD Update Max Batch Size
_asm_wait_time18Max/imum time to wait before asmb exits
_asm_write_badfdata_in_contentcheckFALSEWrite BADFDA7A in content check
_asm_write_cancelAUTOWrite timeout in milliseconds
_asm_write_cancel_timeout_percentage30Percentage of the write timeout to wait before optional offline
_asm_xrov_cachelgio1ADVM cache large IO
_asm_xrov_nstats0Specify number of IOs before stats
_asm_xrov_nvios24Specify number of VIO processes
_asm_xrov_rsnmod2Specify 'reason' mode
_asm_xrov_singleFALSEEnable single issues of IOs
_asm_zero_power_limitallow setting zero power limit
_asmsidasmASM instance id
_assert_encrypted_tablespace_blocksTRUEif TRUE, assert encrypted tablespace blocks must be encrypted
_assert_single_current_bufferFALSEif TRUE, check and assert only one current buffer
_assm_auto_tracing_threshold10000ASSM threshold to start space search tracing
_assm_defaultTRUEASSM default
_assm_examination_blocks_threshold8196ASSM get space number of fuzzy blocks to examine
_assm_examination_enable_slaFALSEASSM get space enable examination limits
_assm_examination_time_threshold60ASSM get space examination time threshold in seconds
_assm_force_fetchmetaFALSEenable metadata block fetching in ASSM segment scan
_assm_high_gsp_threshold11024Number of blocks rejected before growing segment
_assm_l1cleanout_throttle_time3L1 bitmap block cleanout throttle time in seconds
_assm_latency_sampling_frequency0ASSM Latency sampling frequency in seconds
_assm_low_gsp_threshold10000Number of blocks rejected before collecting stats
_assm_segment_extension_percent100Percent of full blocks after which segment is extended
_assm_segment_repair_bgTRUEASSM Segment repair: bg enable
_assm_segment_repair_fg0ASSM Segment repair: fg
_assm_segment_repair_maxblks4294967294ASSM Segment repair: Max blocks per slave
_assm_segment_repair_timelimit60ASSM Segment repair: Max time in seconds per slave
_assm_space_cache_hb_expire3Seconds after which higher order bitmaps expire from space cache
_assm_space_cache_max_segments1024ASSM Maximum Segments to Track
_assm_test_force_rej0assm min number of blocks to cbk-reject
_assm_test_force_rej20assm min number of blocks to kdt-reject
_assm_test_reentrant_gspFALSEassm test reentrant gsp
_async_recovery_claimsTRUEif TRUE, issue recovery claims asynchronously
_async_recovery_readsTRUEif TRUE, issue recovery reads asynchronously
_async_rta_broadcastFALSEasynchronously broadcast RTA boundary
_async_scn_syncOFFAsynchronous SCN Sync Setting
_async_ts_threshold1check tablespace thresholds asynchronously
_atp_block_size_defaultTRUEATP setting block size to 8K
_auto_assign_cg_for_sessionsFALSEauto assign CGs for sessions
_auto_bmrenabledenable/disable Auto BMR
_auto_bmr_bg_time3600Auto BMR Process Run Time
_auto_bmr_fc_time60Auto BMR Flood Control Time
_auto_bmr_file_headerTRUEEnable Auto BMR for file header fix
_auto_bmr_max_rowno1024x$krbabrstat Max number of rows
_auto_bmr_noretry_window1800Auto BMR NoRetry Window
_auto_bmr_pub_timeout10Auto BMR Publish Timeout
_auto_bmr_req_timeout60Auto BMR Requester Timeout
_auto_bmr_sess_threshold30Auto BMR Request Session Threshold
_auto_bmr_sys_threshold100Auto BMR Request System Threshold
_auto_dismount_on_pdb_closeFALSEEnable implicit PDB dismount on PDB close
_auto_export_preplugin_backupTRUEauto export pre-plugin backup
_auto_manage_enable_offline_checkTRUEperodically check for OFFLINE disks and attempt to ONLINE
_auto_manage_enable_smart_rebalanceTRUEOFFLINE instead of DROP disk(s) when free space is not enough for rebalance
_auto_manage_exadata_disksTRUEAutomate Exadata disk management
_auto_manage_infreq_tout0TEST: Set infrequent timeout action to run at this interval, unit is seconds
_auto_manage_ioctl_bufsz8192oss_ioctl buffer size, to read and respond to cell notifications
_auto_manage_max_online_tries3Max. attempts to auto ONLINE an ASM disk
_auto_manage_num_pipe_msgs1000Max. number of out-standing msgs in the KXDAM pipe
_auto_manage_num_tries2Num. tries before giving up on a automation operation
_auto_manage_online_tries_expire_time86400Allow Max. attempts to auto ONLINE an ASM disk after lapsing this time (unit in seconds)
_auto_manage_smart_rebalance_grace_period_in_min0Number of minutes waited after ASM diskgroup free space increases and becomes sufficient for rebalance before dropping an ASM disk offlined due to insufficient free space
_auto_manage_smart_rebalance_space_threshold0Percentage of ASM diskgroup free space required for rebalance
_auto_mv_enabledFALSEenable/disable Auto MV logic in the sql access advisor
_auto_rcv_pdb_open1enable automatic recovery during pdb open
_auto_rekey_during_mrcvTRUEenable automatic rekey during media recovery
_automatic_maintenance_test0Enable AUTOTASK Test Mode
_automemory_broker_interval3memory broker statistics gathering interval for auto memory
_autoptn_costingFALSEDBMS_AUTO_PARTITION is compiling query for cost estimates
_autoptn_flags0DBMS_AUTO_PARTITION flags
_autoptn_translate_table_nameDBMS_AUTO_PARTITION table name translation
_autoptn_workload_id0DBMS_AUTO_PARTITION workload id
_autosts_capture_control3internal controls for auto STS capture
_autosts_long_interval0Auto STS long flush interval
_autosts_retention_interval31Auto STS retention interval
_autosts_short_interval300Auto STS short flush interval
_autotask_max_window480Maximum Logical Maintenance Window Length in minutes
_autotask_min_window15Minimum Maintenance Window Length in minutes
_autotask_test_action0test action parameter for AUTOTASK
_autotask_test_nameN/AName of current Autotask Test (or test step)
_autotbs_management_enabledFALSEallow automatic tablespace management
_autotune_gtx_idle_time600idle time to trigger auto-shutdown a gtx background process
_autotune_gtx_interval5interval to autotune global transaction background processes
_autotune_gtx_threshold60auto-tune threshold for degree of global transaction concurrency
_aux_dfc_keep_time1440auxiliary datafile copy keep time in minutes
_aux_storage_size0Auxillary storage for PDB.
_available_core_count0number of cores for this instance
_avoid_scn_growth1enable scn growth optimizations
_awr_cdbperf_threshold21Setting for AWR CDBPERF Threshold
_awr_corrupt_modeFALSEAWR Corrupt Mode
_awr_data_maskingFALSEEnable/Disable AWR data masking functionality
_awr_disabled_flush_tablesDisable flushing of specified AWR tables
_awr_disabled_purge_tablesDisable purging of specified AWR tables
_awr_enable_pdb_snapshotsTRUEEnable/Disable AWR PDB level snapshots
_awr_flush_threshold_metricsTRUEEnable/Disable Flushing AWR Threshold Metrics
_awr_flush_workload_metricsFALSEEnable/Disable Flushing AWR Workload Metrics
_awr_incremental_flush_enabledTRUEEnable/Disable AWR automatic incremental flushing
_awr_metrics_use_mmnlFALSEUse MMNL or other background process for AWR metrics
_awr_mmon_cpuusageTRUEEnable/disable AWR MMON CPU Usage Tracking
_awr_mmon_deep_purge_all_expiredFALSEAllows deep purge to purge AWR data for all expired snapshots
_awr_mmon_deep_purge_extent7Set extent of rows to check each deep purge run
_awr_mmon_deep_purge_interval7Set interval for deep purge of AWR contents
_awr_mmon_deep_purge_numrows5000Set max number of rows per table to delete each deep purge run
_awr_partition_interval0Setting for AWR Partition Interval
_awr_pdb_registration_enabledFALSEParameter to enable/disable AWR PDB Registration
_awr_restrict_modeFALSEAWR Restrict Mode
_awr_snapshot_levelBESTFITSet Default AWR snapshot level
_awr_sql_child_limit200Setting for AWR SQL Child Limit
_awr_warehouse_enabledTRUEEnable/Disable AWR warehouse functionality
_b_tree_bitmap_plansTRUEenable the use of bitmap plans for tables w. only B-tree indexes
_ba_cf_trace_buffer_size131072size of per-process I/O KBC trace buffer
_ba_container_filesystem_ausize4194304allocation unit size for Backup Appliance containers
_ba_max_containers0maximum number of Backup Appliance containers
_ba_max_groups0maximum number of Backup Appliance container groups
_ba_max_seg_bytes4000maximum number of bytes per array segment
_ba_timeouts_enabledTRUEenable timeouts
_background_process_opts0Misc BG procs parameter
_backup_align_write_ioTRUEalign backup write I/Os
_backup_appliance_enabledFALSEBackup Appliance Enabled
_backup_automatic_retry10automatic retry on backup write errors
_backup_block0defaultbackup block0
_backup_bool_spare1FALSEbackup bool spare1
_backup_bool_spare2FALSEbackup bool spare2
_backup_bool_spare3FALSEbackup bool spare3
_backup_bool_spare4FALSEbackup bool spare4
_backup_compressFALSEturn on backup compression always
_backup_disk_bufcnt0number of buffers used for DISK channels
_backup_disk_bufsz0size of buffers used for DISK channels
_backup_disk_io_slaves0BACKUP Disk I/O slaves
_backup_dynamic_buffersTRUEdynamically compute backup/restore buffer sizes
_backup_encrypt_opt_mode4294967294specifies encryption block optimization mode
_backup_file_bufcnt0number of buffers used for file access
_backup_file_bufsz0size of buffers used for file access
_backup_int_spare14294967294backup int spare1
_backup_int_spare24294967294backup int spare2
_backup_int_spare34294967294backup int spare3
_backup_int_spare44294967294backup int spare4
_backup_interrupt_wait_time1000specifies interrupt wait time in centi seconds
_backup_io_pool_size1048576memory to reserve from the large pool
_backup_kgc_bz2_bufsz0specifies buffer size to be used by BZ2 compression
_backup_kgc_bz2_niters0specifies number of iterations done by BZ2 compression
_backup_kgc_bz2_type0specifies type used by BZ2 compression
_backup_kgc_bzip2_blksiz9specifies buffer size to be used by BZIP2 compression
_backup_kgc_lzo_bufsz262144specifies buffer size to be used by LZO compression
_backup_kgc_medium_schemeDEFAULTspecifies medium compression scheme
_backup_kgc_schemeZLIBspecifies compression scheme
_backup_kgc_zlib_complevel1specifies compression (performance) level for ZLIB compression
_backup_kgc_zlib_memlevel8specifies memory level for ZLIB compression
_backup_kgc_zlib_windowbits15specifies window size for ZLIB compression
_backup_kgc_zstd_bufsz262144specifies buffer size to be used by ZSTD compression
_backup_kgc_zstd_complevel3specifies compression (performance) level for ZSTD compression
_backup_ksfq_bufcnt0number of buffers used for backup/restore
_backup_ksfq_bufmem_max268435456maximum amount of memory (in bytes) used for buffers for backup/restore
_backup_ksfq_bufsz0size of buffers used for backup/restore
_backup_max_gap_size4294967294largest gap in an incremental/optimized backup buffer, in bytes
_backup_max_wallet_session50specifies maximum wallet session for backup
_backup_min_ct_unused_optim2097152mimimun size in bytes of change tracking to apply unused space optimuzation
_backup_seq_bufcnt0number of buffers used for non-DISK channels
_backup_seq_bufsz0size of buffers used for non-DISK channels
_backup_text_spare1backup text spare1
_backup_text_spare2backup text spare2
_backup_text_spare3backup text spare3
_backup_text_spare4backup text spare4
_bct_bitmaps_per_file8number of bitmaps to store for each datafile
_bct_buffer_allocation_max1073741824maximum size of all change tracking buffer allocations, in bytes
_bct_buffer_allocation_min_extents1mininum number of extents to allocate per buffer allocation
_bct_buffer_allocation_size2097152size of one change tracking buffer allocation, in bytes
_bct_chunk_size0change tracking datafile chunk size, in bytes
_bct_crash_reserve_size262144change tracking reserved crash recovery SGA space, in bytes
_bct_file_block_size0block size of change tracking file, in bytes
_bct_file_extent_size0extent size of change tracking file, in bytes
_bct_fixtab_filechange tracking file for fixed tables
_bct_health_check_interval60CTWR health check interval (seconds), zero to disable
_bct_initial_private_dba_buffer_size0initial number of entries in the private change tracking dba buffers
_bct_mrp_timeout5CTWR MRP wait timeout (seconds), zero to wait forever
_bct_public_dba_buffer_dynresize2allow dynamic resizing of public dba buffers, zero to disable
_bct_public_dba_buffer_dynresize_delay3600control frequency of dynamic resizing of public dba buffers
_bct_public_dba_buffer_maxsize0max buffer size permitted for public dba buffers, in bytes
_bct_public_dba_buffer_size0total size of all public change tracking dba buffers, in bytes
_bequeath_via_brokerFALSEBequeath connections via broker
_bg_spawn_diag_opts0background processes spawn diagnostic options
_big_scn_test_mode2testing mode for BigSCN
_bigdata_external_tableTRUEenables use of ORACLE_HIVE and ORACLE_HDFS access drivers
_bigdata_offload_flagFALSEBigDataSQL offload flag
_bigram_dependency_percentage5Bigram dependency percentage
_bitmap_or_improvement_enabledTRUEcontrols extensions to partition pruning for general predicates
_block_change_tracking_filefile location for broker to reenable BCT
_block_dump_assertFALSEEncrypted block dump assert
_block_level_offload_high_lat_thresh40000High Latency Threshold for Block Level Offload operations
_block_sample_readahead_prob_threshold10controls readahead value during block sampling
_blockchainHeapSize0Set the heap size in bytes for blockchain
_blockchainTracing0Set tracing for blockchain
_blockchain_forced_offNOT_SETforce off blockchain
_blockchain_txn_apis_enabledTRUEIf true, the txn layer blockchain API'S kick in
_blockchain_txn_test_lvl0blockchain txn test lvl
_blockhm_flush_period3600Block heat map background flush period
_blocking_sess_graph_cache_sizeblocking session graph cache size in bytes
_blocks_per_cache_server16number of consecutive blocks per global cache server
_bloom_extent_size0bloom filter extent size in bytes
_bloom_filter_debug0debug level for bloom filtering
_bloom_filter_enabledTRUEenables or disables bloom filter
_bloom_filter_ratio35bloom filter filtering ratio
_bloom_filter_setops_enabledTRUEAllow bloom filter to be pushed through set operations
_bloom_filter_size0bloom filter vector size (in KB)
_bloom_folding_density16bloom filter folding density lower bound
_bloom_folding_enabledTRUEEnable folding of bloom filter
_bloom_folding_min0bloom filter folding size lower bound (in KB)
_bloom_max_size262144maximum bloom filter size (in KB)
_bloom_max_wait_time50bloom filter wait time upper bound (in ms)
_bloom_minmax_enabledTRUEenable or disable bloom min max filtering
_bloom_predicate_enabledTRUEenables or disables bloom filter predicate pushdown
_bloom_predicate_offloadTRUEenables or disables bloom filter predicate offload to cells
_bloom_pruning_enabledTRUEEnable partition pruning using bloom filtering
_bloom_pruning_setops_enabledTRUEAllow bloom pruning to be pushed through set operations
_bloom_pushing_max512bloom filter pushing size upper bound (in KB)
_bloom_pushing_total_max262144bloom filter combined pushing size upper bound (in KB)
_bloom_rm_filterFALSEremove bloom predicate in favor of zonemap join pruning predicate
_bloom_serial_filterONenable serial bloom filter on exadata
_bloom_sm_enabledTRUEenable bloom filter optimization using slave mapping
_bloom_use_shared_poolFALSEuse shared pool for bloom filter
_bloom_wait_on_racFALSEenables bloom filter (with hash hash distribution) wait on RAC
_boc_modeAUTOBroadcast-on-commit mode
_boc_rdma_wait_time0BOC RDMA busy wait time (microseconds)
_bps_sanity_checksFALSEenable BPS sanity checks
_branch_taggingTRUEenable branch tagging for distributed transaction
_broadcast_scn_mode1broadcast-on-commit scn mode
_broadcast_scn_wait_timeout10broadcast-on-commit scn wait timeout in centiseconds
_bsln_adaptive_thresholds_enabledTRUEAdaptive Thresholds Enabled
_bt_mmv_query_rewrite_enabledTRUEallow rewrites with multiple MVs and base tables
_buddy_instance1buddy instance control
_buddy_instance_num_read_buffers4Num of Read Buffers to scan everytime in Buddy Instance feature
_buddy_instance_scan_phase_threshold3Threshold (in secs) to let RMS0 construct the recovery set
_buddy_instance_start_rba_timeout9Time-out for re-computing Start RBA in Buddy Instance feature
_buffer_busy_wait_timeout100buffer busy wait time in centiseconds
_buffer_requests_to_drain5Buffer for requests to drain before planned failover
_buffered_message_spill_age300Buffered message spill age
_buffered_publisher_flow_control_threshold0Flow control threshold for buffered publishers except capture
_bufq_stop_flow_controlFALSEStop enforcing flow control for buffered queues
_bug30932330_forceopen_bind_undotbsFALSEone-hundred-and-forty-fifth spare parameter - boolean
_bug31789178_asm_quorum_hbFALSEAllow Quorum Disk Heartbeat
_bug31828999_lm_nodrm_service_pct95minimum nonsingleton service access percentage to disable drm
_bug31897178_kspdgctrleighty-fourth spare parameter - string
_bug31918168_keusp_stream_batch_sizeDEFAULTNumber of KEUSP buffers to flush in a stream batch
_bug31990919_keusp_max_num_alloc_bufDEFAULTMaximum number of KEUSP buffers in shared memory
_bug32093558_j0_deq_maxwait_time0eighth spare parameter - integer
_bug32093558_srvntfn_max_job_time180seventh spare parameter - integer
_bug32171622_asm_reloc_restart_timeout900csecs before signaling ORA-15424 when waiting for orphans
_bug32183142_hang_fast_track_progressing_sessionsFALSEHang Management fast-track progressing sessions enabled
_bug32498459_max_small_page_sga_size34359738368Maximum SGA size with small pages
_bug32533019_DON_for_update_enabledFALSEDefault on null for update feature enabled
_bug32823692_hang_parsing_hangs_resolution_interval0Hang Manager parsing hangs resolution interval
_build_deferred_mv_skipping_mvlog_updateTRUEDEFERRED MV creation skipping MV log setup update
_bump_highwater_mark_count0how many blocks should we allocate per free list on advancing HWM
_bwr_for_flushed_piTRUEif TRUE, generate a BWR for a flushed PI
_bypass_sensitive_contextFALSEbypass sensitive handling for specific SYS_CONTEXT() parameters
_bypass_srl_for_so_eorFALSEbypass SRL for S/O EOR logs
_bypass_xplatform_errorFALSEbypass datafile header cross-platform-compliance errors
_c3_external_scn_rejection_threshold_hours4464Lag in hours between max allowed SCN and an external SCN
_cache_fusion_pipelined_updatesTRUEConfigure smart fusion block transfer
_cache_fusion_pipelined_updates_enableEnable smart fusion block transfer
_cache_orl_during_openALLcache online logs
_cache_stats_monitorFALSEif TRUE, enable cache stats monitoring
_capability_simulateSimulate the capabilities for testing
_capture_buffer_size65536To set the size of the PGA I/O recording buffers
_capture_pgadep0capture statements at this pgadep
_capture_publisher_flow_control_threshold0Flow control threshold for capture publishers
_case_sensitive_logonTRUEcase sensitive logon enabled
_catalog_foreign_restoreFALSEcatalog foreign file restore
_causal_standby_wait_timeout20Causal standby wait timeout
_cdb_compatibleTRUECDB Compatible
_cdb_cross_container65535Debug flag for cross container operations
_cdb_disable_pdb_limitFALSECDB Compatible
_cdb_fleet_sync_timeout10Time in minutes to wait for sync of stub entry in CDB Fleet
_cdb_init_batch_size100Batch size for reading pdb info during CDB mount
_cdb_port0Port number for CDB Servlet
_cdb_rac_affinityTRUErac affinity for parallel cdb operations
_cdb_special_old_xplanTRUEdisplay old-style plan for CDB special fixed table
_cdb_spfile_inheritFALSEInherit CDB Spfile enabled/disabled in a PDB
_cdb_svlt_use_tcpsFALSEUse TCPS for CDB Servlet
_cdb_view_no_skip_migrateFALSEdo not skip OPEN MIGRATE PDBs from results of CONTAINERS()
_cdb_view_no_skip_restrictedFALSEdo not skip RESTRICTED mode PDBs from results of CONTAINERS()
_cdb_view_parallel_degree65535Parallel degree for a CDB view query
_cdb_view_prefetch_batch_size200Batch Size for Prefetch for a CDB view query
_cdb_view_rc_shelflife30Result Cache Shelflife for a CDB view query
_cdb_view_recursive_px_enabledTRUEenable parallelism of recursive SQL under CONTAINERS()
_cdc_subscription_ownerChange Data Capture subscription_owner
_cdmp_diagnostic_level2cdmp directory diagnostic level
_cell_fast_file_createTRUEAllow optimized file creation path for Cells
_cell_fast_file_restoreTRUEAllow optimized rman restore for Cells
_cell_file_format_chunk_size0Cell file format chunk size in MB
_cell_index_scan_enabledTRUEenable CELL processing of index FFS
_cell_materialize_all_expressionsFALSEForce materialization of all offloadable expressions on the cells
_cell_materialize_virtual_columnsTRUEenable offload of expressions underlying virtual columns to cells
_cell_metadata_compressionAUTOCell metadata compression strategy
_cell_object_expiration_hours24flashcache object expiration timeout
_cell_offload_backup_compressionTRUEenable offload of backup compression to cells
_cell_offload_capabilities_enabled1specifies capability table to load
_cell_offload_complex_processingTRUEenable complex SQL processing offload to cells
_cell_offload_expressionsTRUEenable offload of expressions to cells
_cell_offload_grand_totalTRUEallow offload of grand total aggregations
_cell_offload_hybrid_processingTRUEenable hybrid SQL processing offload to cells
_cell_offload_hybridcolumnarTRUEQuery offloading of hybrid columnar compressed tables to exadata
_cell_offload_predicate_reordering_enabledFALSEenable out-of-order SQL processing offload to cells
_cell_offload_sys_contextTRUEenable offload of SYS_CONTEXT evaluation to cells
_cell_offload_timezoneTRUEenable timezone related SQL processing offload to cells
_cell_offload_vector_groupbyTRUEenable SQL processing offload of vector group by
_cell_offload_vector_groupby_externalTRUEenable cell offload of vector group by with external tables
_cell_offload_vector_groupby_fact_keyTRUEenable cell offload of vector group by with fact grouping keys
_cell_offload_vector_groupby_forceFALSEforce offload of vector group by
_cell_offload_vector_groupby_withnojoinTRUEallow offload of vector group by without joins
_cell_offload_virtual_columnsTRUEenable offload of predicates on virtual columns to cells
_cell_range_scan_enabledTRUEenable CELL processing of index range scans
_cell_storidx_minmax_enabledTRUEenable Storage Index Min/Max optimization on the cells
_cell_storidx_modeEVACell Storage Index mode
_cellcache_clause_defaultDefault cellcache clause for new tables
_cellcache_default_flags2Default flags based on cellcache_clause_default
_cellcache_default_newFALSEForce cellcache on new tables
_cgs_allgroup_poll_time20000CGS DBALL group polling interval in milli-seconds
_cgs_big_group_enabledFALSEbig group membership support
_cgs_clscevents_dumpinterval600cgs clsce events statistics dump interval in seconds
_cgs_combine_css_events31CGS registration flags for CSS event combining
_cgs_comm_readiness_check1CGS communication readiness check
_cgs_dball_group_registrationlocalCGS DBALL group registration type
_cgs_dbgroup_poll_time600CGS DB group polling interval in milli-seconds
_cgs_health_check_in_reconfigFALSECGS health check during reconfiguration
_cgs_memberkill_from_rim_instanceFALSEallow a RIM instance to issue a CSS member kill
_cgs_msg_batch_size4096CGS message batch size in bytes
_cgs_msg_batchingTRUECGS message batching
_cgs_node_kill_escalationTRUECGS node kill escalation to CSS
_cgs_node_kill_escalation_wait0CGS wait time to escalate node kill to CSS in seconds
_cgs_os_level_connection_check1allow OS level connection and interface check
_cgs_os_level_connection_dynamicthreadTRUEallow oraping to spawn more threads than the default.
_cgs_os_level_connection_reqno0number of ping rqst to process at once, threads created
_cgs_publish_netinfo_collect_event_chmrcfg-half-timeout,rcfg-timeout,rcfg-done,idleconn-half-timeout,idleconn-timeout-imr,idleconn-cln,rcfg-begin,rcfg-pngchkdone,rcfg-memchgenable cgs publish collect_netinfo event to event stream for CHM
_cgs_publish_netinfo_collect_event_chmjfTRUEenable cgs publish collect_netinfo event to event stream for CHM with CHM'S JASON format
_cgs_publish_netinfo_collect_event_chmjf_batchsz0batch size of cgs events publishing to CHM in json format via clsce event stream
_cgs_publish_netinfo_collect_event_haipTRUEenable cgs publish collect_netinfo event to event stream for HAIP
_cgs_query_net_interfaceSCLSIapi to query network interface
_cgs_reconfig_extra_wait3CGS reconfiguration extra wait time for CSS in seconds
_cgs_reconfig_timeout0CGS reconfiguration timeout interval
_cgs_send_timeout300CGS send timeout value
_cgs_support_rim_discTRUErim instance disconnect and reconnect event support
_cgs_ticket_sendback50CGS ticket active sendback percentage threshold
_cgs_tickets1000CGS messaging tickets
_cgs_zombie_member_kill_wait20CGS zombie member kill wait time in seconds
_change_vector_buffers1Number of change vector buffers for media recovery
_change_vector_read_sample_ratio0Sample ratio of change vector read timestamp on ADG
_check_block_after_checksumFALSEcheck block before write irrespective of db_block_checking
_check_block_new_invariant_for_flashbackFALSEcheck block new invariant for flashback
_check_column_lengthTRUEcheck column length
_check_pdbid_in_redoFALSEEnable checking of pluggable database ID in redo
_check_ts_threshold0check tablespace thresholds
_child_read_ahead_dba_checkFALSEif TRUE, assert child read ahead dba to be continuous of parent
_cleanout_shrcur_buffersTRUEif TRUE, cleanout shrcur buffers
_cleanup_rollback_entries100no. of undo entries to apply per transaction cleanup
_cleanup_timeout150timeout value for PMON cleanup
_cleanup_timeout_flags0flags for PMON cleanup timeout
_clear_buffer_before_reuseFALSEAlways zero-out buffer before reuse for security
_clear_preserved_buffersTRUEClear preserved buffers before DB reopen after switchover
_cli_cachebktalloc100Percentage of memory to allocate
_client_enable_auto_unregisterFALSEenable automatic unregister after a send fails with timeout
_client_features_tracking_enableTRUEtrack client feature uage
_client_ntfn_cleanup_interval2400interval after which dead client registration cleanup task repeats
_client_ntfn_pinginterval75time between pings to unreachable notification clients
_client_ntfn_pingretries6number of times to ping unreachable notification clients
_client_ntfn_pingtimeout30000timeout to connect to unreachable notification clients
_client_result_cache_bypassFALSEbypass the client result cache
_client_tstz_error_checkTRUEShould Client give error for suspect Timestamp with Timezone operations
_clone_during_splitTRUEif TRUE, clone buffer during index split
_clone_one_pdb_recoveryFALSERecover ROOT and only one PDB in clone database
_close_cached_open_cursorsFALSEclose cursors cached by PL/SQL at each commit
_close_deq_by_cond_cursFALSEClose Dequeue By Condition Cursors
_cloud_mandatory_profile_setupFALSEMandatory Profile Setup for Multitenant Cloud Environment
_cloud_namegsm cloud name
_cloud_service_sim0simulate cloud services in Database
_cloud_service_typecloud service type
_cloudsql_offload_enabledFALSEenable CloudSQL cell offload support
_cluster_database_instances1number of instances to use for sizing cluster db SGA structures
_cluster_flash_cache_slave_filecluster flash cache slave file for default block size
_cluster_flash_cache_slave_size0cluster flash cache slave file size for default block size
_cluster_instances_number4number of instances to calculate number of resource buckets
_cluster_libraryclsscluster library selection
_clusterwide_global_transactionsTRUEenable/disable clusterwide global transactions
_collapse_wait_historyFALSEcollapse wait history
_collect_tempundo_statsTRUECollect Statistics v$tempundostat
_collect_undo_statsTRUECollect Statistics v$undostat
_column_compression_factor0Column compression ratio
_column_elimination_offFALSEturn off predicate-only column elimination
_column_level_statsOFFTurn column statistics collection on or off
_column_stats_flush_interval60column-level statistics flush to disk interval
_column_stats_max_entries_per_stat5column-level statistics max entries saved per stat type
_column_stats_mem_limit10percentage of the max shared pool column-level statistics can use - internal
_column_tracking_level53column usage tracking
_common_data_view_enabledTRUEcommon objects returned through dictionary views
_common_user_prefixC##Enforce restriction on a prefix of a Common User/Role/Profile name
_compilation_call_heap_extent_size16384Size of the compilation call heaps extents
_complex_view_mergingTRUEenable complex view merging
_component_timingOracle parameter used for component tracking and timing
_composite_interval_partition_creation_opt_enabledTRUEwhen creating interval/auto list partitions, defer subpartition segment creation until a row for the subpartition is inserted
_compression_above_cache0number of recompression above cache for sanity check
_compression_advisor0Compression advisor
_compression_chain90percentage of chained rows allowed for Compression
_compression_compatibility21.0.0Compression compatibility
_con_map_sql_enforcementTRUEdisable container map SQL enforcement
_concurrency_chosen10what is the chosen value of concurrency
_connect_by_use_union_allTRUEuse union all for connect by
_connect_string_settings_after_logon_triggers0set connect string session settings after logon triggers
_connect_string_settings_unalterable0make connect string session settings unalterable
_connection_broker_handout_acceptFALSEconnection broker accepts prior to handout
_connection_broker_hostlocalhostconnection broker host for listen address
_connstr_test_param0connect string workload behavior spare param
_consensus_follower_election_timeout12000consensus follower's election timeout
_consensus_leader_heartbeat_interval6000consensus leader's heartbeat interval
_consensus_leader_maximum_heartbeatsconsensus leader's maximum heartbeats
_consensus_queue_maximum_elements10consensus queue maximum elements
_consensus_slaves_maximum_count5consensus slaves maximum count
_containers_multiple_ptn_keyTRUEenable multiple partition keys for container views
_controlfile_auto_convert_behaviourAUTO_CONVERTcontrolfile auto convert behavior for a mixed platform dataguard.
_controlfile_autobackup_delay300time delay (in seconds) for performing controlfile autobackups
_controlfile_backup_copy_checkTRUEenable check of the copied blocks during controlfile backup copy
_controlfile_block_size0control file block size in bytes
_controlfile_cell_flash_caching3Flash cache hint for control file accesses
_controlfile_enqueue_dumpFALSEdump the system states after controlfile enqueue timeout
_controlfile_enqueue_holding_time120control file enqueue max holding time in seconds
_controlfile_enqueue_holding_time_tracking_size0control file enqueue holding time tracking size
_controlfile_enqueue_timeout900control file enqueue timeout in seconds
_controlfile_section_init_sizecontrol file initial section size
_controlfile_section_max_expandcontrol file max expansion rate
_controlfile_split_brain_checkFALSECheck for a split-brain in distributed lock manager domain
_controlfile_update_checkOFFcontrolfile update sanity check
_controlfile_verify_on_mountFALSEVerify control file blocks on header error during mount
_convert_set_to_joinFALSEenables conversion of set operator to join
_coord_message_buffer0parallel recovery coordinator side extra message buffer size
_corrupted_rollback_segmentscorrupted undo segment list
_cost_equality_semi_joinTRUEenables costing of equality semi-join
_cp_del_free_sessTRUEconnection pool: delete free sessions when at PDB limit
_cp_del_free_sess_limit_secs1connection pool: delete free sessions time limit (in seconds)
_cp_num_hash_latchesconnection pool number of hash latches
_cpu_count_startup0Startup number of CPUs for this instance
_cpu_eff_thread_multiplierCPU effective thread multiplier
_cpu_to_io0divisor for converting CPU cost to I/O cost
_cpu_util_adj_force1force cpu util adjustment
_cpu_util_adj_target0cpu utilization adjustment target
_cputime_limit_parallel_fptr60CPU-time limit for for parallel first-pass recovery
_cr_grant_global_roleTRUEif TRUE, grant lock for CR requests when block is in global role
_cr_grant_local_roleAUTOturn 3-way CR grants off, make it automatic, or turn it on
_cr_grant_onlyFALSEif TRUE, grant locks when possible and do not send the block
_cr_multiblock_grant_onlyFALSEif TRUE, grant locks for multiblock read when possible and do not send the block
_cr_server_log_flushTRUEif TRUE, flush redo log before serving a CR buffer
_cr_trc_buf_size8192size of cr trace buffer
_crash_domain_on_exception0allow domain to exit for exceptions in any thread
_create_idx_from_constraintFALSEallow trigger to create index from constraint
_create_pdb_disable_mirror_readsFALSEDisable mirror reads during create pdb
_create_pdb_flashback_barrierFALSEforce flashback barrier for create pdb
_create_stat_segment0create ilm statistics segment
_create_table_in_any_clusterFALSEallow creation of table in a cluster not owned by the user
_cross_con_collectionFALSEenable cross container collection
_cross_con_remove_pushed_predsFALSEremove pushed predicates from query fetching across containers
_cross_con_row_countFALSEuse actual row count for cross container views
_crs_2phasebypasscrs 2phase
_cstats_enabledFALSECore stat monitoring enabled
_ctas_numfrags_hint0Hint for number of partition fragments to be loaded in a CTAS
_ctex_fk_copy_mode1Create table for exchange Copy mode for referential constraints
_ctx_doc_policy_stemsFALSEenable ctx_doc.policy_stems api
_cu_row_locking0CU row level locking
_cursor_bind_capture_area_size400maximum size of the cursor bind capture area
_cursor_bind_capture_interval900interval (in seconds) between two bind capture for a cursor
_cursor_cache_time900number of seconds a session cached cursor stay in cache.
_cursor_db_buffers_pinned407additional number of buffers a cursor can pin at once
_cursor_diagnostic_node_agedout_count100Number of cursor-sharing diagnostic nodes to retain before reuse
_cursor_features_enabled2Shared cursor features enabled bits.
_cursor_obsolete_threshold8192Number of cursors per parent before obsoletion.
_cursor_plan_enabledTRUEenable collection and display of cursor plans
_cursor_plan_hash_version1version of cursor plan hash value
_cursor_plan_unparse_enabledTRUEenables/disables using unparse to build projection/predicates
_cursor_reload_failure_threshold0Number of failed reloads before marking cursor unusable
_cursor_runtimeheap_memlimit5242880Shared cursor runtime heap memory limit
_cursor_stats_enabledTRUEEnable cursor stats
_cvw_enable_weak_checkingTRUEenable weak view checking
_cvw_examine_tables_in_from_list_subqryTRUEexamine tables in from list subqueries
_data_transfer_cache_bc_perc_x100500Percentange * 100 of buffer cache to transfer to data transfer cache
_data_warehousing_scan_buffersTRUEif TRUE, enable data warehousing scan buffers
_data_warehousing_scan_flash_buffersFALSEif TRUE, enable data warehousing scan flash buffers
_data_warehousing_serial_scanTRUEif TRUE, enable data warehousing serial scans
_datafile_cowFALSEUse copy on write snapshot for the renamed file
_datafile_create_min_wait_time0Minimum wait time for standby during data file creation
_datafile_create_wait_time0Wait time for standby during data file creation
_datafile_open_errors_crash_instanceTRUEdatafile open errors crash instance
_datafile_write_errors_crash_instanceTRUEdatafile write errors crash instance
_datapump_bypass_tstz_checkFALSEBypass Data Pump TSTZ version checking during import.
_datapump_compressbas_buffer_size0specifies buffer size for BASIC compression algorithm
_datapump_conv_pga_lim0pga limit for Data Pump conventional path bind array size
_datapump_gather_stats_on_loadFALSEGather table statistics during Data Pump load rather thanimporting statistics from the dump file. This should be set to TRUE in the lockdown profile in a DWCS environment.
_datapump_hide_cdb_warningFALSEHide Data Pump warning for CDBROOT and PDBSEED
_datapump_inherit_svcnameTRUEInherit and propagate service name throughout job
_datapump_metadata_buffer_size131072specifies buffer size for metadata file I/O
_datapump_tabledata_buffer_size262144specifies buffer size for table data file I/O
_db_16k_cache_xmem_size0Size of 16k buffer pool on extended cache
_db_16k_flash_cache_fileflash cache file for 16k block size
_db_16k_flash_cache_size0flash cache size for _db_16k_flash_cache_file
_db_2k_cache_xmem_size0Size of 2k buffer pool on extended memory
_db_2k_flash_cache_fileflash cache file for 2k block size
_db_2k_flash_cache_size0flash cache size for _db_2k_flash_cache_file
_db_32k_cache_xmem_size0Size of 32k buffer pool on extended memory
_db_32k_flash_cache_fileflash cache file for 32k block size
_db_32k_flash_cache_size0flash cache size for _db_32k_flash_cache_file
_db_4k_cache_xmem_size0Size of 4k buffer pool on extended cache
_db_4k_flash_cache_fileflash cache file for 4k block size
_db_4k_flash_cache_size0flash cache size for _db_4k_flash_cache_file
_db_8k_cache_xmem_size0Size of 8k buffer pool on extended cache
_db_8k_flash_cache_fileflash cache file for 8k block size
_db_8k_flash_cache_size0flash cache size for _db_8k_flash_cache_file
_db_aging_cool_count1Touch count set when buffer cooled
_db_aging_freeze_crFALSEMake CR buffers always be too cold to keep in cache
_db_aging_hot_criteria2Touch count which sends a buffer to head of replacement list
_db_aging_stay_count0Touch count set when buffer moved to head of replacement list
_db_aging_touch_time3Touch count which sends a buffer to head of replacement list
_db_always_check_system_tsTRUEAlways perform block check and checksum for System tablespace
_db_block_adjcheckTRUEadjacent cache buffer checks - low blkchk overwrite parameter
_db_block_adjchk_level0adjacent cache buffer check level
_db_block_align_direct_readTRUEAlign Direct Reads
_db_block_bad_write_checkFALSEenable bad write checks
_db_block_buffers131186Number of database blocks cached in memory: hidden parameter
_db_block_cache_history_lruFALSEbuffer header tracing for lru operations
_db_block_cache_protectfalseprotect database blocks (for debugging only)
_db_block_cache_protect_internal0protect database blocks (for internal use only)
_db_block_check_for_debugFALSECheck more and dump block before image for debugging
_db_block_check_objtypTRUEcheck objd and typ on cache disk read
_db_block_chunkify_ncmbrFALSEchunkify noncontig multi block reads
_db_block_corruption_recovery_threshold5threshold number of block recovery attempts
_db_block_do_full_mbreadsFALSEdo full block read even if some blocks are in cache
_db_block_hash_buckets524288Number of database block hash buckets
_db_block_hash_latches4096Number of database block hash latches
_db_block_header_guard_level0number of extra buffer headers to use as guard pages
_db_block_hi_priority_batch_size0Fraction of writes for high priority reasons
_db_block_iterations_for_rm2000number of blocks to reduce every iteration for RM
_db_block_known_clean_pct2Initial Percentage of buffers to maintain known clean
_db_block_lru_latches36number of lru latches
_db_block_max_cr_dba6Maximum Allowed Number of CR buffers per dba
_db_block_max_scan_pct40Percentage of buffers to inspect when looking for free
_db_block_med_priority_batch_size0Fraction of writes for medium priority reasons
_db_block_numa1Number of NUMA nodes
_db_block_prefetch_fast_longjumps_enabledTRUEBatched IO enable fast longjumps
_db_block_prefetch_limit0Prefetch limit in blocks
_db_block_prefetch_override0Prefetch force override in blocks
_db_block_prefetch_private_cache_enabledTRUEBatched IO enable private cache
_db_block_prefetch_quota10Prefetch quota as a percent of cache size
_db_block_prefetch_skip_reading_enabledTRUEBatched IO enable skip reading buffers
_db_block_prefetch_wasted_threshold_perc2Allowed wasted percent threshold of prefetched size
_db_block_scandepth_for_rm20number of blocks to reduce every iteration for RM
_db_block_table_scan_buffer_size4194304Size of shared table scan read buffer
_db_block_temp_redoFALSEgenerate redo for temp blocks
_db_block_trace_protectFALSEtrace buffer protect calls
_db_block_vlm_checkFALSEcheck for mapping leaks (debugging only)
_db_block_vlm_leak_threshold4threshold for allowable mapping leaks
_db_blocks_per_hash_latchNumber of blocks per hash latch
_db_bt_cache_only_readmostly_obj_on_roiFALSEif TRUE, ABTC only caches read mostly objects on ROI
_db_cache_advice_hash_latch_multiple16cache advisory hash latch multiple
_db_cache_advice_max_size_factor2cache advisory maximum multiple of current size to similate
_db_cache_advice_sample_factor4cache advisory sampling factor
_db_cache_advice_sanity_checkFALSEcache simulation sanity check
_db_cache_advice_size_submultiple10cache advisory size submultiple
_db_cache_block_read_stack_trace0dump short call stack for block reads
_db_cache_block_read_stack_trace_where10dump short call stack for block reads just for where1
_db_cache_block_read_stack_trace_where20dump short call stack for block reads just for where2
_db_cache_block_read_stack_trace_where30dump short call stack for block reads just for where3
_db_cache_crx_checkFALSEcheck for costly crx examination functions
_db_cache_miss_check_lesFALSEcheck LEs after cache miss
_db_cache_mman_latch_checkFALSEcheck for wait latch get under MMAN ops in kcb
_db_cache_pmem_confidence_try0DB Cache PMEM buffer promote attempts for greater confidence
_db_cache_pmem_promotion_touch_rate_reset_interval300DB Cache PMEM promotion touch rate reset interval in sec
_db_cache_pmem_promotion_touch_rate_threshold_time30DB Cache PMEM promotion touch rate threshold time in sec
_db_cache_pmem_touch_rate_compare_per95DB Cache PMEM buffer touch rate additive percentage when comparingagainst dram touch rate
_db_cache_pmemp_len10000DB Cache PMEM promotion list max length
_db_cache_pre_warmTRUEBuffer Cache Pre-Warm Enabled : hidden parameter
_db_cache_process_cr_pin_max2147483647maximum number of cr pins a process may have
_db_cache_silicon_secured_memoryTRUEenable silicon secured memory
_db_cache_wait_debug0trace new kslwaits
_db_cache_xmem_promotion_algo_chosen38DB Cache Xmem/Pmem promotion algo
_db_cache_xmem_size0Size of extended memory data area for buffer cache DEFAULT pool
_db_change_notification_enableTRUEenable db change notification
_db_disable_temp_encryptionFALSEDisable Temp Encryption for Spills
_db_discard_lost_masterkeyFALSEdiscard lost masterkey handles
_db_dump_from_disk_and_efc0dump contents from disk and efc
_db_dw_scan_adaptive_coolingFALSEif TRUE, enable adaptive DW scan cooling
_db_dw_scan_max_shadow_count5DW Scan adaptive cooling max shadow count
_db_dw_scan_obj_cooling_factor500DW Scan object cooling factor to cool all temperatures
_db_dw_scan_obj_cooling_interval100DW Scan object cooling interval in number of scans, seconds, or pct of cache size
_db_dw_scan_obj_cooling_policyCACHE_SIZEDW scan objtect cooling policy
_db_dw_scan_obj_warming_increment1000DW Scan object warming increment when an object is scanned
_db_fast_obj_checkFALSEenable fast object drop sanity check
_db_fast_obj_ckptTRUEenable fast object checkpoint
_db_fast_obj_truncateTRUEenable fast object truncate
_db_file_direct_io_count1048576Sequential I/O buf size
_db_file_exec_read_count128multiblock read count for regular clients
_db_file_format_io_buffers4Block formatting I/O buf count
_db_file_noncontig_mblock_read_count11number of noncontiguous db blocks to be prefetched
_db_file_optimizer_read_count8multiblock read count for regular clients
_db_flash_cache_disable_write_batchsize4096Flash cache disable writes processing batchsize
_db_flash_cache_encryptionFALSESet _db_flash_cache_encryption to enable flash cache encryption
_db_flash_cache_force_replenish_limit8Flash cache force replenish lower limit in buffers
_db_flash_cache_keep_limit80Flash cache keep buffer upper limit in percentage
_db_flash_cache_max_latency400Flash cache maximum latency allowed in 10 milliseconds
_db_flash_cache_max_outstanding_writes32Flash cache maximum outstanding writes allowed
_db_flash_cache_max_read_retry10Flash cache max read retry
_db_flash_cache_max_slow_io3Flash cache maximum slow io allowed
_db_flash_cache_slow_io_adjustment_interval3600Decrement interval
_db_flash_cache_write_limit1Flash cache write buffer upper limit in percentage
_db_flashback_iobuf_size1Flashback IO Buffer Size
_db_flashback_log_min_size16777216Minimum flashback database log size in bytes
_db_flashback_log_min_total_space0Minimum flashback database log total space in bytes
_db_flashback_num_iobuf64Flashback Number of IO buffers
_db_full_cachingTRUEenable full db implicit caching
_db_full_db_cache_diff_pct5Cache at least this % larger than DB size for full db caching
_db_generate_dummy_masterkeyFALSEif TRUE, use old havior and generate dummy master key
_db_handles3200System-wide simultaneous buffer operations
_db_handles_cached10Buffer handles cached each process
_db_hot_block_trackingFALSEtrack hot blocks for hash latch contention
_db_imoltp_hashidx_force_nonctg0kcbw imoltp hash index force non contig granules
_db_index_block_checkingTRUEindex block checking override parameter
_db_initial_cachesize_create_mb256size of cache created at startup
_db_keep_cache_xmem_size0Size of KEEP buffer pool for standard block size buffers on extended memory
_db_l2_tracing0flash cache debug tracing
_db_large_dirty_queue25Number of buffers which force dirty queue to be written
_db_link_sources_trackingTRUEenable/disable database link source tracking
_db_lost_write_checking2Enable scn based lost write detection mechanism
_db_lost_write_corrupt_blockFALSEallow corruption for lost write
_db_lost_write_tracingFALSEEnable _db_lost_write_checking tracing
_db_minimum_auxsize_percent0min percent of aux buffers to be maintained before using aux2
_db_mttr_adviceONMTTR advisory
_db_mttr_partitions0number of partitions for MTTR advisory
_db_mttr_sample_factor64MTTR simulation sampling factor
_db_mttr_sim_targetMTTR simulation targets
_db_mttr_sim_trace_size256MTTR simulation trace size
_db_mttr_trace_to_alertFALSEdump trace entries to alert file
_db_noarch_disble_optimFALSEImage redo logging (NOARCHIVEMODE)
_db_num_evict_waitevents16384number of evict wait events
_db_num_gsm0database number in gsm dbpool
_db_nvm_promotion_deferred_tchcnt195touch count threshold which allows deferred background based nvm buffer promotion
_db_obj_enable_ksrTRUEenable ksr in object checkpoint/reuse
_db_percent_hot_default50Percent of default buffer pool considered hot
_db_percent_hot_keep0Percent of keep buffer pool considered hot
_db_percent_hot_recycle0Percent of recycle buffer pool considered hot
_db_percpu_create_cachesize2size of cache created per cpu in deferred cache create
_db_pmem_auto_resize_interval10PMEM auto resize interval in minutes
_db_pmem_direct_map_size0Size of direct mappable PMEM buffer cache
_db_prefetch_histogram_statisticsFALSEmaintain prefetch histogram statistics in x$kcbprfhs
_db_recovery_temporal_file_destdefault database recovery temporal file location
_db_recycle_cache_xmem_size0Size of Recycle buffer pool for standard block size buffers on extended memory
_db_replay_security_configDatabase Replay Security Configuration
_db_required_percent_fairshare_usage10percent of fairshare a processor group should always use
_db_row_overlap_checkingTRUErow overlap checking override parameter for data/index blocks
_db_shadow_lost_write_protectNOT_SETalter shadow lost write detection for PDB
_db_todefer_cache_createTRUEbuffer cache deferred create
_db_writer_chunk_writes0Number of writes DBWR should wait for
_db_writer_coalesce_area_size4194304Size of memory allocated to dbwriter for coalescing writes
_db_writer_coalesce_encrypted_buffersTRUECoalecsing for encrypted buffers
_db_writer_coalesce_write_limit131072Limit on size of coalesced write
_db_writer_flush_imuTRUEIf FALSE, DBWR will not downgrade IMU txns for AGING
_db_writer_histogram_statisticsFALSEmaintain dbwr histogram statistics in x$kcbbhs
_db_writer_max_writes0Max number of outstanding DB Writer IOs
_db_writer_nomemcopy_coalesceFALSEEnable DBWR no-memcopy coalescing
_db_writer_verify_writesFALSEEnable lost write detection mechanism
_db_xmem_cache_encryptionTRUESet _db_xmem_cache_encryption to enable XMEM cache encryption
_db_xmem_hot_switch_criteria195Xmem/Pmem buffer touch count which makes this buffer candidate of switching to DRAM buffer
_dbcomp_maxdump100Maximum # of dumped blocks per datafile
_dbcomp_msg_ver1database block compare message version
_dbfs_modify_implicit_fetchTRUEDBFS Link allows implicit fetch on modify - only on SecureFiles
_dbfs_symlink_path_prefixTRUEdisallow symbolic link creation in dbfs outside path_prefix
_dbg_proc_startupFALSEdebug process startup
_dbg_scan0generic scan debug
_dbms_sql_security_level1Security level in DBMS_SQL
_dbmsumf$$1xUMF Configuration
_dbmsumf$$2xUMF Configuration
_dbmsumf$$3xUMF Configuration
_dbmsumf$$nnUMF Configuration
_dbmsumf$$pUMF Configuration
_dbnest_enableNONEdbNest enable
_dbnest_pdb_fs_confPDB Filesystem configuration
_dbnest_pdb_fs_typeDEFAULTPDB FS Type
_dbnest_pdb_scm_confPDB SCM configuration
_dbnest_pdb_scm_levelSTRICT1PDB SCM Level
_dbnest_resource_opts0dbNest - resource options
_dbnest_skip_fed_rootTRUEFed root is skipped so CDB nest is root of all pdbs
_dbnest_stage_dirStaging directory configuration
_dbop_enabled1Any positive number enables automatic DBOP monitoring. 0 is disabled
_dbopen_breakpointnoneALTER DATABASE OPEN codepath breakpoint
_dbpool_namegsm database pool name
_dbreplay_feature_controlDatabase Replay Feature Control
_dbreplay_mpk_keyDatabase Replay Package Key
_dbrm_dynamic_threshold17302504DBRM dynamic threshold setting
_dbrm_num_runnable_list0Resource Manager number of runnable list per NUMA node
_dbrm_quantumDBRM quantum
_dbrm_runchk32798000DBRM kskrunstatechk thresholds
_dbrm_short_wait_us300Resource Manager short wait length
_dbwr_async_ioTRUEEnable dbwriter asynchronous writes
_dbwr_flashlock_shrink_limit0limit to shrink le to flash lock per dbwr iteration
_dbwr_nowrite_assert_interval7200dbwriter assert interval after no write seconds
_dbwr_nwp_assert_interval1800dbwriter no write permission assert interval after no write seconds
_dbwr_scan_interval300dbwriter scan interval
_dbwr_stall_write_detection_interval900dbwriter stall write detection interval
_dbwr_tracing0Enable dbwriter tracing
_dd_validate_remote_locksTRUEGES deadlock detection validate remote locks
_dde_flood_control_initTRUEInitialize Flood Control at database open
_ddlapply_enableFALSEDDL VIA APPLY Enable
_dead_process_scan_interval60PMON dead process scan interval (in seconds)
_deadlock_diagnostic_level2automatic deadlock resolution diagnostics level
_deadlock_record_to_alert_logTRUErecord resolved deadlocks to the alert log
_deadlock_resolution_incidents_alwaysFALSEcreate incidents when resolving any deadlock?
_deadlock_resolution_incidents_enabledTRUEcreate incidents during deadlock resolution
_deadlock_resolution_level1automatic deadlock resolution level
_deadlock_resolution_min_wait_timeout_secs60the minimum wait timeout required for deadlock resolution
_deadlock_resolution_signal_process_thresh_secs60the amount of time given to process a deadlock resolution signal
_dedicated_server_poll_count10dedicated server poll count
_dedicated_server_post_waitFALSEdedicated server post/wait
_dedicated_server_post_wait_callFALSEdedicated server post/wait call
_default_encrypt_alg0default encryption algorithm
_default_ini_trans_index0Default value of INI_TRANS enforced by DWCS lockdown for indexes
_default_ini_trans_table0Default value of INI_TRANS enforced by DWCS lockdown for tables
_default_non_equality_sel_checkTRUEsanity check on default selectivity for like/range predicate
_default_oracle_fs_typeofsdefault file system type for an oracle file system
_default_pct_free0Default value of PCT_FREE enforced by DWCS lockdown
_default_serviceTRUERun default service
_defer_eor_orl_arch_for_soTRUEdefer EOR ORL archival for switchover
_defer_log_boundary_ckptTRUEdefer media recovery checkpoint at log boundary
_defer_log_count100Number of log boundaries media recovery checkpoint lags behind
_defer_rcv_during_sw_to_sbyFALSEDefer recovery during switchover to standby
_defer_rcv_pdb_attachTRUEDefer PDB domain attach in instance recovery
_defer_rewrap_controlfile_key_historyFALSEif TRUE, defer rewrap control file TS keys under next PDB open
_defer_sga_alloc_chunk_size1073741824Chunk size for defer sga allocation
_defer_sga_enabledFALSEEnable deferred shared memory allocation for SGA
_defer_sga_min_spsz_at_startup53687091200Minimum shared pool size at startup with deferred sga enabled
_defer_sga_min_total_defer_segs_sz107374182400Minimum total deferred segs size for defer sga allocation
_defer_sga_test_alloc_intv0SA** sleeps for N secs before allocating a deferred segment
_defer_while_patching0Session should be deferred if patching is secheduled
_deferred_constant_folding_modeDEFAULTDeferred constant folding mode
_deferred_log_dest_is_validTRUEconsider deferred log dest as valid for log deletion (TRUE/FALSE)
_deferred_seg_in_seedTRUEEnable Deferred Segment Creation in Seed
_delay_index_maintainTRUEdelays index maintenance until after MV is refreshed
_delete_ghost_dataFALSETest delete ghost data
_deq_execute_reset_time30deq execute reset time
_deq_ht_child_latches8deq ht child latches
_deq_ht_max_elements100000deq ht max elements
_deq_large_txn_size25000deq large txn size
_deq_log_array_size10000deq log array size
_deq_max_fetch_count10deq max fetch count
_deq_maxwait_time0Change wait times between dequeue calls
_desired_readmem_rate90The desired percentage of redo reading from memory
_df_hist_offl_overrideFALSEAllow update of keep offline bit in datafile history record
_dg_broker_trace_leveldata guard broker trace level
_dg_cf_check_timer15Data Guard controlfile check timer
_dg_corrupt_redo_log0Corrupt redo log validation during archivals
_dgb_dgpdb_appstDGPDBs with apply state off
_dgpdb_file_name_convertdatafile name convert patterns and strings for per PDB standby name template with three %u's for DGPDB standby controlfile
_diag_adl_dyn_allocTRUEEnable Diag Alert Dynamic Allocation
_diag_adr_auto_purgeTRUEEnable/disable ADR MMON Auto Purging
_diag_adr_enabledTRUEParameter to enable/disable Diag ADR
_diag_adr_test_param0Test parameter for Diagnosability
_diag_adr_trace_dest/u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/orcl21c/orcl21c/tracediagnosability trace directory path
_diag_alert_root_annotateFALSEEnable annotation for alert log entries from root
_diag_arb_before_killFALSEdump diagnostics before killing unresponsive ARBs
_diag_attn_log_format_errorAttention Log Error Entry format
_diag_attn_log_format_standardAttention Log Standard Entry format
_diag_backward_compatTRUEBackward Compatibility for Diagnosability
_diag_cc_enabledTRUEParameter to enable/disable Diag Call Context
_diag_cdb_loggingshortFormat for CDB Annotation
_diag_conf_cap_enabledTRUEParameter to enable/disable Diag Configuration Capture
_diag_crashdump_level10parameter for systemstate dump level, used by DIAG during crash
_diag_daemonTRUEstart DIAG daemon
_diag_dde_async_age_limit300diag dde async actions: message age limit (in seconds)
_diag_dde_async_cputime_limit300diag dde async actions: action cputime limit (in seconds)
_diag_dde_async_mode1diag dde async actions: dispatch mode
_diag_dde_async_msg_capacity1024diag dde async actions: message buffer capacity
_diag_dde_async_msgs50diag dde async actions: number of preallocated message buffers
_diag_dde_async_process_rate5diag dde async actions: message processing rate - per loop
_diag_dde_async_runtime_limit900diag dde async actions: action runtime limit (in seconds)
_diag_dde_async_slaves5diag dde async actions: max number of concurrent slave processes
_diag_dde_enabledTRUEenable DDE handling of critical errors
_diag_dde_fc_enabledTRUEParameter to enable/disable Diag Flood Control
_diag_dde_fc_implicit_time0Override Implicit Error Flood Control time parameter
_diag_dde_fc_macro_time0Override Macro Error Flood Control time parameter
_diag_dde_inc_proc_delay1The minimum delay between two MMON incident sweeps (minutes)
_diag_diagnosticsTRUETurn off diag diagnostics
_diag_dump_request_debug_level1DIAG dump request debug level (0-2)
_diag_dump_timeout30timeout parameter for SYNC dump
_diag_enable_startup_eventsFALSEenable events in instance startup notifiers
_diag_hm_rc_enabledTRUEParameter to enable/disable Diag HM Reactive Checks
_diag_hm_tc_enabledFALSEParameter to enable/disable Diag HM Test(dummy) Checks
_diag_large_packetsTRUEDIA* large packets support
_diag_patch_cap_enabledTRUEParameter to enable/disable Diag Patch Configuration Capture
_diag_pdb_control0DIAG PDB Space Management Control Parameter
_diag_pdb_purge_target90Controls target percentage for ADR PDB Auto Purge Operation
_diag_pdb_purge_threshold97Controls threshold for ADR PDB Auto Purge Operation
_diag_proc_enabledTRUEenable hung process diagnostic API
_diag_proc_max_time_ms30000hung process diagnostic API max wait time in milliseconds
_diag_proc_stack_capture_type1hung process diagnostic API stack capture type
_diag_test_seg_reinc_modeFALSESets trace segmentation to be in reincarnation mode
_diag_uts_control0UTS control parameter
_diag_verbose_error_on_init0Allow verbose error tracing on diag init
_diag_xm_enabledFALSEIf TRUE, DIAG allows message exchanges across DB/ASM boundary
_dimension_skip_nullTRUEcontrol dimension skip when null feature
_direct_io_skip_cur_slot_on_errorTRUESkip current slot on error
_direct_io_slots0number of slots for direct path I/O
_direct_io_via_mapped_pmemTRUEif TRUE, direct path I/O will attempt to memory map files on PMEM
_direct_io_wslots0number of write slots for direct path I/O
_direct_path_insert_features0disable direct path insert features
_direct_read_decision_statistics_drivenTRUEenable direct read decision based on optimizer statistics
_dirty_appliance_modeFALSEEnable appliance mode even on non-appliance
_disable_12751FALSEdisable policy timeout error (ORA-12751)
_disable_12cbigfileFALSEDIsable Storing ILM Statistics in 12cBigFiles
_disable_active_influx_moveFALSEdisable active influx move during parallel media recovery
_disable_actualization_for_grantFALSEdisable actualization of editioned objects on grant
_disable_adaptive_shrunk_aggregationFALSEadaptive shrunk aggregation
_disable_adp_adj_buf_checkFALSENo adjacent buffer check for ADP
_disable_appliance_checkFALSEDisable appliance-specific code
_disable_appliance_partneringFALSEDisable appliance partnering algorithms
_disable_asm_audit_feat0disable ASM audit features
_disable_autotune_gtxFALSEdisable autotune global transaction background processes
_disable_block_checkingFALSEdisable block checking at the session level
_disable_block_corruption_trackFALSEdisable block corruption tracking
_disable_cdb_view_rc_invalidationFALSEdisable Result Cache invalidation for CDB View results
_disable_cell_optimized_backupsFALSEdisable cell optimized backups
_disable_con_recurse_queuingTRUEdisable parallel statement queuing for containers() recursive SQL
_disable_cpu_checkFALSEdisable cpu_count check
_disable_cursor_sharingFALSEdisable cursor sharing
_disable_data_block_check_after_decryptFALSEif TRUE, disable data block check after decryption
_disable_datalayer_samplingFALSEdisable datalayer sampling
_disable_dblink_optimTRUEdisable intra CDB dblink optimizations
_disable_def_seg_update0Disable deferred seg$ update
_disable_destructive_patch_operationTRUEIs destructive operation allowed in a patch
_disable_dict_check_pdb_openFALSEdisable PDB pseudo open for dictionary check purpose
_disable_directory_link_checkFALSEDisable directory link checking
_disable_duplex_linkTRUETurn off connection duplexing
_disable_duplicate_service_warningFALSEdisable listener warning for duplicate service
_disable_fast_aggregationFALSEfast aggregation
_disable_fast_validateFALSEdisable PL/SQL fast validation
_disable_fastopenFALSEDo Not Use Fastopen
_disable_fba_qrw0disable flashback archiver query rewrite
_disable_fba_wpr0disable flashback archiver wait for prepared transactions
_disable_file_locksFALSEdisable file locks for control, data, redo log files
_disable_file_resize_loggingFALSEdisable file resize logging to alert log
_disable_flashback_archiver0disable flashback archiver
_disable_flashback_recyclebin_optTRUEDon't use the Flashback Recyclebin optimization
_disable_flashback_wait_callbackFALSEDisable flashback wait callback
_disable_foreign_scn_adjustFALSEDisable foreign SCN adjustment
_disable_function_based_indexFALSEdisable function-based index matching
_disable_gvaq_cacheFALSEDisable cache
_disable_hcc_array_insertFALSETRUE - enable conventional inserts into HCC CUs
_disable_health_checkFALSEDisable Health Check
_disable_highres_ticksFALSEdisable high-res tick counter
_disable_ilm_internalFALSEForce disable internal ilm stats and drop ilm segment
_disable_image_checkFALSEDisable Oracle executable image checking
_disable_implicit_row_movementFALSEdisable implicit row movement
_disable_incremental_checkpointsFALSEDisable incremental checkpoints for thread recovery
_disable_incremental_recovery_ckptFALSEDisable incremental recovery checkpoint mechanism
_disable_index_block_prefetchingFALSEdisable index block prefetching
_disable_inheritpriv_grant_publicFALSEDisable inherit privilege grant to PUBLIC for newly created users
_disable_initial_block_compressionFALSEdisable initial block compression
_disable_instance_params_checkFALSEdisable instance type check for ksp
_disable_interface_checkingFALSEdisable interface checking at startup
_disable_kcb_flashback_blocknew_optFALSEDisable KCB flashback block new optimization
_disable_kcbhxor_osdFALSEdisable kcbh(c)xor OSD functionality
_disable_kcbl_flashback_blocknew_optFALSEDisable KCBL flashback block new optimization
_disable_kgghshcrc32_osdFALSEdisable kgghshcrc32chk OSD functionality
_disable_last_successful_login_timeFALSEDisable writing Last Successful Login Time to USER$
_disable_loggingFALSEDisable logging
_disable_lostwrite_tablespace_alertsFALSEdisable tablespace alerts for LOSTWRITE tablespaces
_disable_mandatory_profile_oncloneFALSEDisable Mandatory Profile check on clone of a PDB
_disable_marking_noopsFALSEDon't mark any captured statements as no-ops.
_disable_metrics_group0Disable Metrics Group (or all Metrics Groups)
_disable_modsvc_refreshdisable modify service cache refresh
_disable_multiple_block_sizesFALSEdisable multiple block size support (for debugging)
_disable_odmFALSEdisable odm feature
_disable_oradebug_commandsrestricteddisable execution of certain categories of oradebug commands
_disable_orphan_pdb_recoveryFALSEDisable PDB PITR/FB to orphan PDB incarnation
_disable_os_time_pageFALSEdisable OS time page
_disable_parallel_conventional_loadFALSEDisable parallel conventional loads
_disable_pdb_space_checkFALSEDisable pdb storage usage check in the session
_disable_primary_bitmap_switchFALSEdisable primary bitmap switch
_disable_ptl_replayFALSEIs PTL replay disabled during Application Sync
_disable_read_only_open_dict_checkFALSEDisable read-only open dictionary check
_disable_rebalance_space_checkFALSEdisable space usage checks for storage reconfiguration
_disable_recovery_read_skipFALSEDisable the read optimization during media recovery
_disable_rolling_patch0Disable Rolling Patch Feature
_disable_sample_io_optimFALSEdisable row sampling IO optimization
_disable_savepoint_resetFALSEdisable the fix for bug 1402161
_disable_selftune_checkpointingFALSEDisable self-tune checkpointing
_disable_sensitive_internalFALSEdisable internal SQL from showing sensitive information
_disable_sga_filedelFALSEdisable deletion of files used for SGA
_disable_storage_typeFALSEDisable storage type checks
_disable_streams_diagnostics0streams diagnostics
_disable_streams_pool_auto_tuningFALSEdisable streams pool auto tuning
_disable_sun_rsmTRUEDisable IPC OSD support for Sun RSMAPI
_disable_system_state4294967294disable system state dump
_disable_system_state_wait_samplesFALSEDisable system state dump - wait samples
_disable_system_tablespaces_enc_enforcementFALSEif TRUE, disable system tablespaces encryption enforcement
_disable_temp_tablespace_alertsFALSEdisable tablespace alerts for TEMPORARY tablespaces
_disable_thread_internal_disableFALSEDisable thread internal disable feature
_disable_txn_alert0disable txn layer alert
_disable_undo_tablespace_alertsFALSEdisable tablespace alerts for UNDO tablespaces
_disable_wait_stateDisable wait state
_discard_cmn_ddl_in_pdb_errFALSEDiscard error when Common DDL is attempted in PDB
_discrete_transactions_enabledFALSEenable OLTP mode
_disk_sector_size_overrideFALSEif TRUE, OSD sector size could be overridden
_diskmon_pipe_nameDiSKMon skgznp pipe name
_disksize_binary_searchFALSEif set, perform binary search to get disk size if IOCTL fails
_dispatcher_listen_on_vipFALSEDetermines if dispatcher listens on VIP if no HOST is supplied
_dispatcher_rate_scalescale to display rate statistic (100ths of a second)
_dispatcher_rate_ttltime-to-live for rate statistic (100ths of a second)
_distinct_agg_optimization_gsetsCHOOSEUse Distinct Aggregate Optimization for Grouping Sets
_distinct_view_unnestingFALSEenables unnesting of in subquery into distinct view
_distributed_recovery_connection_hold_time200number of seconds RECO holds outbound connections open
_disttxn_for_queriesTRUEremote queries start distributed transaction
_dlm_cache_warmup_slaves2Number of DLM cache warm up slaves
_dlm_stats_collect1DLM statistics collection(0 = disable, 1 = enable (default))
_dlm_stats_collect_du_limit3000DLM statistics collection disk updates per slot
_dlm_stats_collect_mode6DLM statistics collection mode
_dlm_stats_collect_slot_interval60DLM statistics collection slot interval (in seconds)
_dlmtraceTrace string of global enqueue type(s)
_dm_dmf_details_compatibility12.1.0set dm dmf details compatibility version
_dm_enable_legacy_dmf_output_typesFALSErevert dmf output types to pre-
_dm_inmemory_threshold1000000In-memory cardinality threshold
_dm_max_chunk_size2000Data Mining Max Chunk Size
_dm_max_shared_pool_pct5max percentage of the shared pool to use for a mining model
_dml_batch_error_limit0number or error handles allocated for DML in batch mode
_dml_frequency_trackingFALSEControl DML frequency tracking
_dml_frequency_tracking_advanceTRUEControl automatic advance and broadcast of DML frequencies
_dml_frequency_tracking_slot_time15Time length of each slot for DML frequency tracking
_dml_frequency_tracking_slots4Number of slots to use for DML frequency tracking
_dml_monitoring_enabledTRUEenable modification monitoring
_dmm_auto_max_features500Auto Max Features
_dmm_blas_libraryControl which BLAS/LAPACK dynamic library to load
_dmm_cnt_arr_size_threshold500000Counts Array Size Threshold
_dmm_details_filter_weight1Filter details based on weight
_dmm_force_treetop_merge0Force Treetop Merge
_dmm_inc_cholesky_rows50000Incomplete Cholesky number of rows
_dmm_ipp_cutoff0Intra-Partition Parallel size cutoff
_dmm_kmean_dense_threshold500Kmean densify threshold
_dmm_max_memory_size1000000Maximum Memory Size
_dmm_memory_size64000000Memory Size
_dmm_nobin_threshold200No Binning Row Count Threshold
_dmm_pga_load_threshold3Model size less than threshold are loaded into PGA
_dmm_reduction_rate4Reduction rate in reduction tree
_dmm_sample_lower_threshold10000Minimum Sample Size
_dmm_sample_upper_threshold500000Maximum Sample Size
_dmm_ser_test0Stress testing for serialized models
_dmm_ts_lapack1Enable usage of BLAS/LAPACK for Tall Skinny SVD
_dmm_xgboost_max_memory1000000000xgboost maximum memory
_dmsqr_qr_chunk_rows10000QR maximum chunk rows
_dnfs_rdma_enablermanEnable dNFS RDMA transfers
_dnfs_rdma_max1048576Maximum size of dNFS RDMA transfer
_dnfs_rdma_min8192Minimum size of dNFS RDMA transfer
_domain_index_batch_size2000maximum number of rows from one call to domain index fetch routine
_domain_index_dml_batch_size200maximum number of rows for one call to domain index dml routines
_dp_force_length_semanticsNONEForce nls length semantics
_dra_bmr_number_threshold1000Maximum number of BMRs that can be done to a file
_dra_bmr_percent_threshold10Maximum percentage of blocks in a file that can be BMR-ed
_dra_enable_offline_dictionaryFALSEEnable the periodic creation of the offline dictionary for DRA
_drm_parallel_freezeTRUEif TRUE enables parallel drm freeze
_drop_flashback_logical_operations_enqFALSEDrop logical operations enqueue immediately during flashback marker generation
_drop_stat_segment0drop ilm statistics segment
_drop_table_optimization_enabledTRUEreduce SGA memory use during drop of a partitioned table
_drop_tablespace_objects0GDR: drop all tablespace objects
_ds_enable_auto_txnFALSEDynamic Sampling Service Autonomous Transaction control parameter
_ds_enable_view_samplingTRUEUse sampling for views in Dynamic Sampling
_ds_iocount_iosize6553664Dynamic Sampling Service defaults: #IOs and IO Size
_ds_parse_model2Dynamic Sampling Service Parse Model control parameter
_ds_progressive_initial_samples2Number of initial samples used for progressive sampling
_ds_progressive_no_matches_min_sample_size50Minimum sample size at which progressive sampling report no match
_ds_sampling_methodPROGRESSIVEDynamic sampling method used
_ds_xt_split_count1Dynamic Sampling Service: split count for external tables
_dsc_feature_level0controls the feature level for deferred segment creation
_dskm_health_check_cnt20DiSKMon health check counter
_dskm_single_instanceFALSEDSKM and Diskmon operating in Single Instance mode
_dss_cache_flushFALSEenable full cache flush for parallel execution
_dss_cache_flush_threshold1threshold when thread ckpt considered over obj ckpt
_dtree_area_size131072size of Decision Tree Classification work area
_dtree_binning_enabledTRUEDecision Tree Binning Enabled
_dtree_max_surrogates1maximum number of surrogates
_dtree_pruning_enabledTRUEDecision Tree Pruning Enabled
_dummy_instanceFALSEdummy instance started by RMAN
_dump_10261_level0Dump level for event 10261, 1=>minimal dump 2=>top pga dump
_dump_common_subexpressionsFALSEdump common subexpressions
_dump_connect_by_loop_dataFALSEdump connect by loop error message into trc file
_dump_cursor_heap_sizesFALSEdump comp/exec heap sizes to tryace file
_dump_interval_limit120trace dump time interval limit (in seconds)
_dump_max_limit5max number of dump within dump interval
_dump_qbc_tree0dump top level query parse tree to trace
_dump_rcvr_ipcTRUEif TRUE enables IPC dump at instance eviction time
_dump_scn_increment_stackDumps scn increment stack per session
_dump_system_state_scopelocalscope of sysstate dump during instance termination
_dump_trace_scopeglobalscope of trace dump during a process crash
_duplicated_table_complete_refresh_percent50percent threshold for duplicated table to do complete refresh
_dupt_noupdate0disable duplicated table updates
_dynamic_hash_bucket_arrayTRUEdynamic hash bucket array
_dynamic_processes_force_timeout6dynamic process force timeout
_dynamic_processes_max_oom_timeout300dynamic process max timeout for out of memory
_dynamic_processes_wait_timeout100dynamic process wait timeout for new process
_dynamic_rls_policiesTRUErls policies are dynamic
_dynamic_sequence_cacheTRUEEnable/disable sequence dynamic cache sizing
_dynamic_sequence_cache_max1000000Sequence dynamic cache maximum size
_dynamic_sequence_cache_scale10Max scale factor for dynamic sequence cache size
_dynamic_sessions_force_timeout30dynamic session force timeout
_dynamic_sessions_inc_count1000dynamic session increment count
_dynamic_sessions_max_oom_timeout300dynamic session max timeout for out of memory
_dynamic_sessions_min_force_timeout5dynamic min session force timeout
_dynamic_sessions_wait_timeout100dynamic session wait timeout for new session
_dynamic_share_range_factor2dynamic share range factor
_dynamic_stats_threshold30delay threshold (in seconds) between sending statistics messages
_early_flush_delta0SCN delta to trigger early log flush
_edition_enable_oracle_usersEdition enable Oracle supplied users
_eighteenth_spare_parametereighteenth spare parameter - integer
_eighteenth_spare_pdb_parametereighteenth spare pdb parameter - integer
_eighth_spare_pdb_parametereighth spare pdb parameter - integer
_eightieth_spare_parametereightieth spare parameter - integer
_eighty-eighth_spare_parametereighty-eighth spare parameter - string
_eighty-fifth_spare_parametereighty-fifth spare parameter - string
_eighty-ninth_spare_parametereighty-ninth spare parameter - string
_eighty-seventh_spare_parametereighty-seventh spare parameter - string
_eighty-sixth_spare_parametereighty-sixth spare parameter - string
_eighty-third_spare_parametereighty-third spare parameter - string
_eleventh_spare_parametereleventh spare parameter - integer
_eleventh_spare_pdb_parametereleventh spare pdb parameter - integer
_eliminate_common_subexprTRUEenables elimination of common sub-expressions
_emon_max_active_connections256maximum open connections to clients per emon
_emon_outbound_connect_timeout7200000timeout for completing connection set up to clients
_emon_pool_inc4increment in EMON slaves per pool type
_emon_pool_max16maximum number of EMON slaves per pool type
_emon_pool_min4minimum number of EMON slaves per pool type
_emon_regular_ntfn_slaves4number of EMON slaves doing regular database notifications
_emon_send_timeout7200000send timeout after which the client is unregistered
_emx_control0EM Express control (internal use only)
_emx_max_sessions128Maximum number of sessions in the EM Express cache
_emx_session_timeout3600Session timeout (sec) in the EM Express cache
_ena_storage_lmtDEFAULTEnable storage clause for LMT
_enable_12g_bftTRUEenable 12g bigfile tablespace
_enable_Front_End_View_Optimization1enable front end view optimization
_enable_NUMA_interleaveTRUEEnable NUMA interleave mode
_enable_NUMA_optimizationFALSEEnable NUMA specific optimizations
_enable_NUMA_supportFALSEEnable NUMA support and optimizations
_enable_asyncvioFALSEenable asynch vectored I/O
_enable_automatic_maintenance1if 1, Automated Maintenance Is Enabled
_enable_automatic_sqltuneTRUEAutomatic SQL Tuning Advisory enabled parameter
_enable_block_level_transaction_recoveryTRUEenable block level recovery
_enable_buffer_header_historyTRUEif TRUE, records operation history in buffer headers
_enable_bug_298383740enable/disable bug fix 29838374
_enable_cdb_all_syncFALSEIs CDB-wide ALL sync enabled
_enable_cdb_upgrade_captureFALSEEnable capture of CDB upgrade
_enable_check_truncateTRUEenable checking of corruption caused by canceled truncate
_enable_columnar_cache1Enable Columnar Flash Cache Rewrite
_enable_containers_subqueryTRUEenable transformation to containers() sub query
_enable_cscn_cachingFALSEenable commit SCN caching for all transactions
_enable_dbwr_auto_tracing0enable dbwriter auto-tracing
_enable_dbwr_parallel_invalidationsTRUEif TRUE, enables flush and invalidate by DBWRs
_enable_ddl_wait_lockTRUEuse this to turn off ddls with wait semantics
_enable_default_affinity0enable default implementation of hard affinity osds
_enable_default_temp_thresholdTRUEEnable Default Tablespace Utilization Threshold for UNDO Tablespaces
_enable_default_undo_thresholdTRUEEnable Default Tablespace Utilization Threshold for TEMPORARY Tablespaces
_enable_dml_lock_escalationTRUEenable dml lock escalation against partitioned tables if TRUE
_enable_drop_cloneFALSEIs drop of a Root Clone allowed
_enable_dynamic_processesFALSEdynamic process SOs
_enable_dynamic_sessionsFALSEdynamic session SOs
_enable_editions_for_usersFALSEenable editions for all users
_enable_event_portsTRUEEnable/Disable event ports
_enable_exchange_validation_using_checkTRUEuse check constraints on the table for validation
_enable_fast_file_zeroTRUEenable fast file zero code path
_enable_fast_ref_after_mv_tbsFALSEenable fast refresh after move tablespace
_enable_flash_loggingTRUEEnable Exadata Smart Flash Logging
_enable_fsdirect_odmlibTRUEenable or disable FsDirect static ODM library
_enable_fsdirect_pinTRUEenable direct pin of FsDirect blocks
_enable_fsdirect_racFALSEenable FsDirect in RAC
_enable_gsm_listener_networksTRUEgsm listener in listener networks
_enable_guid_endpoint_serviceTRUEEnable service functionality for GUID service
_enable_hash_overflowFALSETRUE - enable hash cluster overflow based on SIZE
_enable_heatmap_internalFALSEheatmap related - to be used by oracle dev only
_enable_http_digest_generationTRUEgeneration of the HTTP Digest verifier is enabled
_enable_hwm_syncTRUEenable HWM synchronization
_enable_iee_statsTRUEenables IEE stats gathering
_enable_ignorable_error_captureFALSECapture statement if error is ignorable
_enable_ilm_flush_statsTRUEEnable ILM Stats Flush
_enable_ilm_testflush_statsFALSEEnable Test ILM Stats Flush
_enable_increase_lms_processTRUEset to true to allow _increase_lms_process changes
_enable_ios_spmFALSEAllow Split Mirror operations via IOServer
_enable_kernel_io_outliersFALSEenable kernel I/O outlier feature
_enable_kqf_purgeTRUEEnable KQF fixed runtime table purge
_enable_list_ioFALSEEnable List I/O
_enable_load_from_cloneTRUEIs load from a Root Clone allowed
_enable_log_memory_protection_keyFALSEenable memory protection keys (log)
_enable_memory_protection_keysFALSEEnable memory protection keys usage
_enable_metrics_allpdbTRUEEnable/Disable Metrics for Root and all PDBs if applicable
_enable_metrics_pdbFALSEEnable/Disable Metrics for this Non-Root PDB
_enable_midtier_affinityTRUEenable midtier affinity metrics processing
_enable_minscn_crTRUEenable/disable minscn optimization for CR
_enable_mleTRUEenable MLE
_enable_module_matchTRUEIs match of module name enforced
_enable_multiple_fgpreparesFALSEAllow concurrent PREPAREs on the same database
_enable_nativenet_tcpipFALSEEnable skgxp driver usage for native net
_enable_nvm_dispatcher0Enable NVM Dispatcher and/or DMPROC
_enable_obj_queuesTRUEenable object queues
_enable_offloaded_writesFALSEEnable offloaded writes for Unit Test
_enable_online_index_without_s_lockingTRUEAllow online index creation algorithm without S DML lock
_enable_os_cpu_rmFALSEenable internal OSCPURM testing
_enable_parallel_dmlFALSEenables or disables parallel dml
_enable_partial_syncFALSEIs partial sync of a Federation allowed
_enable_pdb_close_abortTRUEEnable PDB shutdown abort (close abort)
_enable_pdb_close_noarchivelogFALSEEnable PDB close abort with no archive logging
_enable_pdb_isolationFALSEEnables Pluggable Database isolation inside a CDB
_enable_pdb_process_limitTRUEEnable process limit as the number of sessions in the PDB.
_enable_pdb_skiplist_recoveryTRUEEnable pdb skip list setup during media recovery.
_enable_pdb_skiplist_redogenTRUEEnable pdb skip list setup during redo generation.
_enable_per_container_aclFALSEEnable Per Container ACL
_enable_perpdb_suplogFALSEper pdb supplemental logging
_enable_plcmnt_pol_usageFALSEenable placement policy usage
_enable_pluggable_databaseTRUEEnable Pluggable Database
_enable_pmem_direct_cacheTRUEif TRUE, enable PMEM direct mapped buffers
_enable_pmem_exchangeTRUEif TRUE, enable PMEM exchange during promotion
_enable_pmem_prefetchFALSEif TRUE, enable prefecting from PMEM
_enable_pmo_outside_begin_endTRUEEnable PMO outside begin-end block
_enable_proxy_distr_txnTRUEEnable Distributed Transaction in Proxy PDB
_enable_ptime_update_for_sysFALSEEnable/Disable update of user$ for sys
_enable_query_rewrite_on_remote_objsTRUEmv rewrite on remote table/view
_enable_redo_global_postFALSELGWR post globally on write
_enable_refresh_scheduleTRUEenable or disable MV refresh scheduling (revert to 9.2 behavior)
_enable_rejection_cacheTRUEEnable ASSM rejection cache
_enable_reliable_latch_waitsTRUEEnable reliable latch waits
_enable_rename_userFALSEenable RENAME-clause using ALTER USER statement
_enable_replay_upgrade_diagTRUEEnable diagnostics for Replay Upgrade
_enable_rlbTRUEenable RLB metrics processing
_enable_row_shippingTRUEuse the row shipping optimization for wide table selects
_enable_schema_synonymsFALSEenable DDL operations (e.g. creation) involving schema synonyms
_enable_scn_wait_interfaceTRUEuse this to turn off scn wait interface in kta
_enable_secure_sub_roleFALSEDisallow enabling of secure sub roles
_enable_securefile_flashback_optFALSEEnable securefile flashback optimization
_enable_sensitive_traceFALSEenable traces to contain sensitive information
_enable_separable_transactionsFALSEenable/disable separable transactions
_enable_shared_pool_durationsTRUEtemporary to disable/enable kgh policy
_enable_shared_server_sizingTRUEEnable sizing manager for shared servers
_enable_shared_server_sizing_slopeFALSEEnable utility slope in sizing manager for shared servers
_enable_shared_server_vector_ioFALSEEnable shared server vector I/O
_enable_single_dgprepareFALSEDisable concurrent PREPAREs in same disk group
_enable_space_preallocation3enable space pre-allocation
_enable_spacebgTRUEenable space management background task
_enable_sysaux_gdrFALSEGDR: Enable on SYSAUX
_enable_system_app2Enable System app for CDB-wide common users
_enable_tablespace_alertsTRUEenable tablespace alerts
_enable_tcpinfo_statistics238Enable TCP Info Statistics
_enable_tenant_id_checkFALSEEnable Tenant Id check for database link
_enable_tenant_id_transferFALSEEnable Tenant Id transfer
_enable_thr_killTRUEEnable/Disable thread directed signalling
_enable_type_dep_selectivityTRUEenable type dependent selectivity estimates
_enable_unified_memoryFALSEEnable use of unified PGA pool
_enable_verbose_gdrFALSEGDR: Enable verbose
_enable_view_pdbTRUEEnable Proxy PDB support
_endprot_chunk_commentchk 10235 dfltchunk comment for selective overrun protection
_endprot_heap_commenthp 10235 dfltheap comment for selective overrun protection
_endprot_stack_segmentsFALSEoverrun protection for kgh stack segments
_endprot_subheapsTRUEselective overrun protection for subeheaps
_enforce_minimum_password_rollover_timeTRUEEnforce minimum PASSWORD_ROLLOVER_TIME of one hour
_enqueue_deadlock_detect_all_global_locksFALSEenable deadlock detection on all global enqueues
_enqueue_deadlock_scan_secs0deadlock scan interval
_enqueue_deadlock_time_sec5requests with timeout <= this will not have deadlock detection
_enqueue_debug_multi_instanceFALSEdebug enqueue multi instance
_enqueue_hash1043enqueue hash table length
_enqueue_hash_chain_latches4enqueue hash chain latches
_enqueue_locks6060locks for managed enqueues
_enqueue_paranoia_mode_enabledFALSEenable enqueue layer advanced debugging checks
_enqueue_resources2436resources for enqueues
_enqueue_scan_interval0enqueue scan interval
_enqueue_sync_retry_attempts15max number of times the bg process to retry synchronous enqueue open if it failed because master could not allocate memory
_enqueue_sync_sim_mem_errorFALSEsimulate master instance running out of memory when synchronously getting a remotely mastered enqueue
_enqueue_wall_clock_timeFALSEif TRUE, use KSUFTIME timer
_error_row_predicate_evaluationAUTOskip predicate evaluation for error rows
_event_port_optsOptions for event ports
_evt_system_event_propagationTRUEdisable system event propagation
_exa_pmemlog_threshold_usec100maximum i/o time (usecs) for enabled Exadata PMEMLog
_exadata_feature_onFALSEExadata Feature On
_exclude_seed_cdb_viewTRUEexclude PDB$SEED from CDB View Result
_expand_aggregatesTRUEexpand aggregates
_explain_rewrite_modeFALSEallow additional messages to be generated during explain rewrite
_expression_tracking_elem_per_bucket30Number of expression usage statistics elements per hash bucket
_expression_tracking_latch_count16Number of latches for tracking expression usage statistics
_extended_pruning_enabledTRUEdo runtime pruning in iterator if set to TRUE
_external_scn_activity_trackingTRUEenable/disable external scn activity tracking
_external_scn_logging_threshold_seconds86400High delta SCN threshold in seconds
_external_scn_rejection_delta_threshold_minutes0external SCN rejection delta threshold in minutes
_external_scn_rejection_threshold_hours24Lag in hours between max allowed SCN and an external SCN
_external_table_hive_partition_restrictedTRUErestrict external tabel hive partition methods to Hive supported
_external_table_smart_scanHADOOP_ONLYExternal Table Smart Scan
_extra_lmn_enabledTRUEsuppl logging for extra record enabled
_failover_svrcsumFALSEenable server checksum to optimize failover
_fair_remote_cvtFALSEif TRUE enables fair remote convert
_fairness_threshold2number of times to CR serve before downgrading lock
_fast_cr_cloneTRUEenable fast cr clone feature
_fast_cursor_reexecuteFALSEuse more memory in order to get faster execution
_fast_dual_enabledTRUEenable/disable fast dual
_fast_full_scan_enabledTRUEenable/disable index fast full scan
_fast_index_maintenanceTRUEfast global index maintenance during PMOPs
_fast_psby_conversionTRUEEnable fast physical standby conversion
_fastpin_enable1enable reference count based fast pins
_fatalprocess_redo_dump_time_limit0time limit, in secs, for diagnostic redo dumps by a fatal process
_fb_log_max_rereads100Maximum number of rereads after reading a corrupt flashback block
_fb_recovery_slave_count0Number of recovery slaves to be used by the FLASHBACK DATABASE
_fbda_adv_gbl_bscn_bcast_interval0flashback archiver broadcast interval to advance global barrier SCN
_fbda_busy_percentage0flashback archiver busy percentage
_fbda_debug_assert0flashback archiver debug assert for testing
_fbda_debug_mode0flashback archiver debug event for testing
_fbda_global_bscn_lag0flashback archiver global barrier scn lag
_fbda_inline_percentage0flashback archiver inline percentage
_fbda_rac_inactive_limit0flashback archiver rac inactive limit
_fbda_tcrv_cleanup_lag3600flashback archiver tcrv cleanup lag in secs
_federation_max_root_clones4000Maximum number of Root Clones per Root
_federation_scriptFALSERunning a Federation script
_ffs_in_range_scan_threshold50threshold of min percentage of block read to use ffs in rs
_fg_fast_sync_slack_usecs1DAX log file sync sleep slack time
_fg_fast_sync_sleep_target_pct50DAX log file sync sleep target pct
_fg_fast_sync_sleep_usecs0DAX log file sync sleep time
_fg_fast_sync_spin_usecs100DAX log file sync spin time
_fg_iorm_slaves1ForeGround I/O slaves for IORM
_fg_log_checksumTRUEChecksum redo in foreground process
_fg_sync_sleep_usecs0Log file sync via usleep
_fic_algorithm_setautomaticSet Frequent Itemset Counting Algorithm
_fic_area_size131072size of Frequent Itemset Counting work area
_fic_min_bmsize1024Frequent Itemset Counting Minimum BITMAP Size
_fifteenth_spare_parameterfifteenth spare parameter - integer
_fifteenth_spare_pdb_parameterfifteenth spare pdb parameter - integer
_fifth_spare_parameterfifth spare parameter - integer
_fifth_spare_pdb_parameterfifth spare pdb parameter - integer
_fiftieth_spare_parameterfiftieth spare parameter - integer
_fiftieth_spare_pdb_parameterfiftieth spare pdb parameter - string list
_fifty-eighth_spare_parameterfifty-eighth spare parameter - integer
_fifty-eighth_spare_pdb_parameterfifty-eighth spare pdb parameter - boolean
_fifty-fifth_spare_parameterfifty-fifth spare parameter - integer
_fifty-fifth_spare_pdb_parameterfifty-fifth spare pdb parameter - boolean
_fifty-first_spare_parameterfifty-first spare parameter - integer
_fifty-fourth_spare_parameterfifty-fourth spare parameter - integer
_fifty-fourth_spare_pdb_parameterfifty-fourth spare pdb parameter - boolean
_fifty-ninth_spare_parameterfifty-ninth spare parameter - integer
_fifty-ninth_spare_pdb_parameterfifty-ninth spare pdb parameter - boolean
_fifty-second_spare_parameterfifty-second spare parameter - integer
_fifty-seventh_spare_parameterfifty-seventh spare parameter - integer
_fifty-seventh_spare_pdb_parameterfifty-seventh spare pdb parameter - boolean
_fifty-sixth_spare_parameterfifty-sixth spare parameter - integer
_fifty-sixth_spare_pdb_parameterfifty-sixth spare pdb parameter - boolean
_fifty-third_spare_parameterfifty-third spare parameter - integer
_fifty-third_spare_pdb_parameterfifty-third spare pdb parameter - boolean
_file_offline_sync_timeout900Timeout to sync file offline enqueue (secs)
_file_set_enqueue_timeout1200Timeout to acquire file set enqueue (secs)
_file_size_increase_increment67108864Amount of file size increase increment, in bytes
_filemap_dirFILEMAP directory
_first_k_rows_dynamic_prorationTRUEenable the use of dynamic proration of join cardinalities
_first_spare_pdb_parameterfirst spare pdb parameter - integer
_fix_controlbug fix control parameter
_fix_fuzzy_scnFALSEfix fuzzy SCN
_fixup_all_appsFALSECallback to fix up replay state of all applications
_fixup_app_pdb_status_in_rootapplication name whose PDB application status should be fixed up
_fixup_cdb_appsFALSECallback to fix up replay state of CDB-wide applications
_flashback_11_1_block_new_optFALSEuse 11.1 flashback block new optimization scheme
_flashback_allow_noarchivelogFALSEAllow enabling flashback on noarchivelog database
_flashback_archiver_partition_size0flashback archiver table partition size
_flashback_barrier_interval1800Flashback barrier interval in seconds
_flashback_copy_latches10Number of flashback copy latches
_flashback_database_test_onlyFALSERun Flashback Database in test mode
_flashback_delete_chunk_MB128Amount of flashback log (in MB) to delete in one attempt
_flashback_dynamic_enableTRUEenable flashback enable code path
_flashback_dynamic_enable_failure0Simulate failures during dynamic enable
_flashback_enable_raTRUEFlashback enable read ahead
_flashback_format_chunk_mb4Chunk mega-bytes for formatting flashback logs using sync write
_flashback_format_chunk_mb_dwrite16Chunk mega-bytes for formatting flashback logs using delayed write
_flashback_fuzzy_barrierTRUEUse flashback fuzzy barrier
_flashback_generation_buffer_size16777216flashback generation buffer size
_flashback_hint_barrier_percent20Flashback hint barrier percent
_flashback_log_io_error_behavior0Specify Flashback log I/O error behavior
_flashback_log_min_size100Minimum flashback log size
_flashback_log_rac_balance_factor10flashback log rac balance factor
_flashback_log_size1000Flashback log size
_flashback_logfile_enqueue_timeout600flashback logfile enqueue timeout for opens
_flashback_marker_cache_enabledTRUEEnable flashback database marker cache
_flashback_marker_cache_size328Size of flashback database marker cache
_flashback_marker_for_every_grpFALSEgenerate a new flashback marker for every GRP
_flashback_max_log_size0Maximum flashback log size in bytes (OS limit)
_flashback_max_n_log_per_thread2048Maximum number of flashback logs per flashback thread
_flashback_max_standby_sync_span300Maximum time span between standby recovery sync for flashback
_flashback_n_log_per_thread128Desired number of flashback logs per flashback thread
_flashback_prepare_logTRUEPrepare Flashback logs in the background
_flashback_reclaim_monitor_window7Proactive flashback logs reclaimation window
_flashback_reclaim_speed_upFALSEProactive flashback logs reclaimation speed up
_flashback_size_based_on_redoTRUESize new flashback logs based on average redo log size
_flashback_standby_barrier_interval1Flashback standby barrier interval in seconds
_flashback_standby_check_barrier_MIRA20Flashback standby check barrier generation in seconds
_flashback_standby_check_minpfh_MIRA15Flashback standby check minimum high fuzzy scn in seconds
_flashback_stby_support_miraTRUEFlashback database on standby supports MIRA
_flashback_validate_controlfileFALSEvalidate flashback pointers in controlfile for database
_flashback_verbose_infoFALSEPrint verbose information about flashback database
_flashback_write_max_loop_limit10Flashback writer loop limit before it returns
_flush_ilm_stats0flush ilm stats
_flush_log_buffer_forceFALSEFlush log buffer force
_flush_log_buffer_timeout0Flush log buffer wait time in seconds
_flush_plan_in_awr_sql0Plan is being flushed from an AWR flush SQL
_flush_redo_to_standby0Flush redo to standby test parameter
_flush_undo_after_tx_recoveryTRUEif TRUE, flush undo buffers after TX recovery
_fob_dgaallocTRUEFob structure allocation from Domain Global Area memory
_fob_ospshareTRUEFob structure and file descriptor sharing between threads with-in an OSP in MPMT environment
_force_arch_compress0Archive Compress all newly created compressed tables
_force_cloud_onFALSEsimulate EHCC code path enable in Cloud Database
_force_containers_subqueryFALSEforce transformation to containers() sub query
_force_datefold_truncFALSEforce use of trunc for datefolding rewrite
_force_dax_io_err0Force I/O error on online/standby redo log
_force_hash_join_spillFALSEforce hash join to spill to disk
_force_hsc_compressFALSEcompress all newly created tables
_force_java_pool_zeroFALSEforce java pool size to be zero bytes
_force_local_tempFALSEFor testing only Forces temporary tablespaces to be LOCAL
_force_logging_in_upgradeTRUEforce logging during upgrade mode
_force_oltp_compressFALSEOLTP Compress all newly created compressed tables
_force_oltp_update_optTRUEOLTP Compressed row optimization on update
_force_partial_compressFALSEForce using OLTP Partial Compression
_force_pmem_direct_mapped_cache_scanTRUEif TRUE, force PMEM mapped direct path scan to cache path scan
_force_rewrite_enableFALSEcontrol new query rewrite features
_force_slave_mapping_intra_part_loadsFALSEForce slave mapping for intra partition loads
_force_standard_compileFALSEforce compilation of STANDARD
_force_sys_compressTRUESys compress
_force_temp_space_cleanupTRUEForce temp space cleanup after PDB close
_force_temptables_for_gsetsFALSEexecutes concatenation of rollups using temp tables
_force_tmp_segment_loadsFALSEForce tmp segment loads
_forced_endian_typeUNKNOWNForced endian type of data dictionary
_fortieth_spare_parameterfortieth spare parameter - integer
_fortieth_spare_pdb_parameterfortieth spare pdb parameter - string
_forty-eighth_spare_parameterforty-eighth spare parameter - integer
_forty-eighth_spare_pdb_parameterforty-eighth spare pdb parameter - string list
_forty-fifth_spare_parameterforty-fifth spare parameter - integer
_forty-fifth_spare_pdb_parameterforty-fifth spare pdb parameter - string list
_forty-first_spare_parameterforty-first spare parameter - integer
_forty-first_spare_pdb_parameterforty-first spare pdb parameter - string list
_forty-fourth_spare_parameterforty-fourth spare parameter - integer
_forty-fourth_spare_pdb_parameterforty-fourth spare pdb parameter - string list
_forty-ninth_spare_parameterforty-ninth spare parameter - integer
_forty-ninth_spare_pdb_parameterforty-ninth spare pdb parameter - string list
_forty-second_spare_parameterforty-second spare parameter - integer
_forty-second_spare_pdb_parameterforty-second spare pdb parameter - string list
_forty-seventh_spare_parameterforty-seventh spare parameter - integer
_forty-seventh_spare_pdb_parameterforty-seventh spare pdb parameter - string list
_forty-sixth_spare_parameterforty-sixth spare parameter - integer
_forty-sixth_spare_pdb_parameterforty-sixth spare pdb parameter - string list
_forty-third_spare_parameterforty-third spare parameter - integer
_forty-third_spare_pdb_parameterforty-third spare pdb parameter - string list
_forwarded_2pc_threshold10auto-tune threshold for two-phase commit rate across RAC instances
_fourteenth_spare_pdb_parameterfourteenth spare pdb parameter - integer
_fourth_spare_pdb_parameterfourth spare pdb parameter - integer
_frame_cache_time0number of seconds a cached frame page stay in cache.
_freeze_kgh_timestampFALSEprevent heap manager timestamp from advancing
_fsdirect_fast_file_createTRUEAllow optimized file creation path for FsDirects
_full_diag_on_rimFALSErim nodes have full DIA* function
_full_pwise_join_enabledTRUEenable full partition-wise join when TRUE
_fusion_securityTRUEFusion Security
_gas_partition_size0Global Address Space Partition Size for each instance
_gby_hash_aggregation_enabledTRUEenable group-by and aggregation using hash scheme
_gby_onekey_enabledTRUEenable use of one comparison of all group by keys
_gby_vector_aggregation_enabledTRUEenable group-by and aggregation using vector scheme
_gc_affinity_lockingTRUEif TRUE, enable object affinity
_gc_affinity_locksTRUEif TRUE, get affinity locks
_gc_affinity_ratio50dynamic object affinity ratio
_gc_anti_lock_ratio66dynamic object anti-lock ratio
_gc_async_sendTRUEif TRUE, send blocks asynchronously
_gc_bg_mergeTRUEif TRUE, merge pi buffers in the background
_gc_blocking_pinsFALSEif TRUE, record a histogram of blocking pins
_gc_buckets_per_latch0number of hash buckets per latch
_gc_bypass_readersTRUEif TRUE, modifications bypass readers
_gc_check_bscnTRUEif TRUE, check for stale blocks
_gc_coalesce_recovery_readsTRUEif TRUE, coalesce recovery reads
_gc_cr_server_read_waitTRUEif TRUE, cr server waits for a read to complete
_gc_defer_ping_index_onlyTRUEif TRUE, restrict deferred ping to index blocks only
_gc_defer_time0how long to defer pings for hot buffers in microseconds
_gc_delay_pingTRUEif TRUE, delay pings to hot blocks
_gc_disable_cell_populateFALSEif TRUE, disable cell ram cache populate
_gc_disable_s_lock_brr_ping_checkTRUEif TRUE, disable S lock BRR ping check for lost write protect
_gc_down_convert_after_keepTRUEif TRUE, down-convert lock after recovery
_gc_down_convert_after_writeTRUEif TRUE, down-convert lock after a write
_gc_drm_windows8number of DRM windows
_gc_dump_remote_lockTRUEif TRUE, dump remote lock
_gc_element_percent105global cache element percent
_gc_enable_cr_bypassTRUEif TRUE, enable CR bypass mechanism
_gc_fast_index_split_timeout100fast index split wait timeout
_gc_fast_index_split_wait0fast index split wait usn array size
_gc_fg_mergeTRUEif TRUE, merge pi buffers in the foreground
_gc_fg_spin_time0foreground msgq spin time
_gc_first_dirty_mergeTRUEif TRUE, merge with a pi after first dirty
_gc_flush_during_affinityTRUEif TRUE, flush during affinity
_gc_fusion_compression1024compress fusion blocks if there is free space
_gc_global_checkpoint_scnTRUEif TRUE, enable global checkpoint scn
_gc_global_lruAUTOturn global lru off, make it automatic, or turn it on
_gc_global_lru_touch_count5global lru touch count
_gc_global_lru_touch_time60global lru touch time in seconds
_gc_integrity_checks1set the integrity check level
_gc_interconnect_checksumFALSEif TRUE, checksum interconnect blocks
_gc_keep_recovery_buffersTRUEif TRUE, make recovery buffers current
_gc_keep_undo_recovery_buffersTRUEif TRUE, make recovery undo buffers current
_gc_latches32number of latches per LMS process
_gc_lease_time10000lease time for memoptimize reads
_gc_log_flushTRUEif TRUE, flush redo log before a current block transfer
_gc_max_downcvt4096maximum downconverts to process at one time
_gc_max_reg_sz68719476736maximum length for memory registration
_gc_msgq_buffers0set number of MSGQ buffers
_gc_no_fairness_for_clonesTRUEif TRUE, no fairness if we serve a clone
_gc_numa_lock_elementsFALSEif TRUE, numa aware lock element distribution
_gc_object_queue_max_length0maximum length for an object queue
_gc_override_force_crTRUEif TRUE, try to override force-cr requests
_gc_partial_cleanoutTRUEif TRUE, partial cleanout is enabled
_gc_persistent_read_mostlyTRUEif TRUE, enable persistent read-mostly locking
_gc_policy_minimum1500dynamic object policy minimum activity per minute
_gc_policy_rm_dirty_percent1percent of cache which can be dirty for readmostly
_gc_policy_time20how often to make object policy decisions in minutes
_gc_rdma_connections8000maximum number of buffer cache RDMA connections
_gc_read_mostly_flush_checkFALSEif TRUE, optimize flushes for read mostly objects
_gc_read_mostly_lockingTRUEif TRUE, enable read-mostly locking
_gc_sanity_check_cr_buffersFALSEif TRUE, sanity check CR buffers
_gc_save_cleanoutFALSEif TRUE, save cleanout to apply later
_gc_serve_from_flash_cacheFALSEif TRUE, try to serve a flash cache buffer
_gc_skip_undo_disk_readTRUEif TRUE, skip the disk read for undo blocks
_gc_spin_time32rdma spin time
_gc_statisticsTRUEglobal cache statistics level
_gc_temp_affinityFALSEif TRUE, enable global temporary affinity
_gc_trace_blocking_pinsFALSEif TRUE, trace blocking pins
_gc_trace_freelist_emptyFALSEif TRUE, dump a trace when we run out of lock elements
_gc_transfer_ratio75dynamic object read-mostly transfer ratio
_gc_try_to_skip_imc_flushTRUEif TRUE, try to skip an imc populate flush
_gc_undo_affinityTRUEif TRUE, enable undo affinity
_gc_undo_block_disk_readsTRUEif TRUE, enable undo block disk reads
_gc_undo_header_rdma_readTRUEif TRUE, rdma read of undo headers is enabled
_gc_undo_rdma_readFALSEif TRUE, rdma read of undo blocks is enabled
_gc_vector_readTRUEif TRUE, vector read current buffers
_gc_xmem_rdmaFALSEif TRUE, xmem blocks rdma read is enabled
_gcr_cpu_consumer_dump_level0level of process dump performed for CPU consumers
_gcr_cpu_min_free10minimum amount of free CPU to flag an anomaly
_gcr_cpu_min_hard_limit0hard limit for min free CPU to flag high CPU
_gcr_css_group_largesize of large CSS group above which query/update disabled
_gcr_css_group_query_boostallowed number of serial multiple queries
_gcr_css_group_try_lock_delayminimum delay between group locking attempts, secs
_gcr_css_group_update2_intervalinterval between CSS group updates when busy, secs
_gcr_css_group_update_intervalinterval between CSS group updates, secs
_gcr_css_use_2group_lockTRUEif FALSE, GCR will not try to lock 2 CSS groups at the same time
_gcr_disabled_actionsgcr disabled actions list
_gcr_disabled_metricsgcr disabled metrics list
_gcr_dump_cpu_consumersFALSEif TRUE, enable dumps of CPU consumers
_gcr_enable_async_slavesTRUEif TRUE, GCR will spawn slave actions asynchronously
_gcr_enable_high_cpu_killFALSEif TRUE, GCR may kill foregrounds under high load
_gcr_enable_high_cpu_rmTRUEif TRUE, GCR may enable a RM plan under high load
_gcr_enable_high_cpu_rtTRUEif TRUE, GCR may boost bg priority under high load
_gcr_enable_high_memory_killFALSEif TRUE, GCR may kill foregrounds under high memory load
_gcr_enable_kill_inst_diagsFALSEif TRUE, GCR will collect OS diags prior to kill instance
_gcr_enable_ktfbue_gather_statsTRUEenable/disable gather stats on X$KTFBUE
_gcr_enable_new_drm_checkTRUEif FALSE, revert to old drm load metric
_gcr_enable_pdb_abortFALSEif TRUE, GCR will process pdb abort messages
_gcr_enable_statistical_cpu_checkTRUEif FALSE, revert to old cpu load metric
_gcr_ges_cachedres_mult20ges cached resources multiplier
_gcr_ges_longchain_mult5ges longchain multiplier
_gcr_high_cpu_threshold10minimum amount of CPU process must consume to be kill target
_gcr_high_cpwt_threshold30longest tolerable ctwr process waits time
_gcr_high_fbwt_threshold300longest tolerable free buffer waits time
_gcr_high_hashlist_latch_nowait_misses10000highest hash list get nowait fails tolerable
_gcr_high_hashlist_latch_wait_misses10000highest hash list get wait fails tolerable
_gcr_high_lfsci_threshold1800longest tolerable log file switch (checkpoint incomplete) wait
_gcr_high_memory_threshold10minimum amount of Memory process must consume to be kill target
_gcr_max_rt_procsmaximum number of RT DLM processes allowed by GCR
_gcr_mem_min_free10minimum amount of free memory to flag an anomaly
_gcr_min_free_memory_hard_limit1073741824hard limit for minimum free memory,for high memory systems
_gcr_tickduration of time tick used by state machine, centisecs
_gcr_use_cssTRUEif FALSE, GCR wont register with CSS nor use any CSS feature
_gcs_cluster_flash_cache_mode0cluster flash cache mode
_gcs_cluster_flash_cache_persistencyFALSEEnable cluster flash cache persistency (FALSE = disable (default), TRUE = enable
_gcs_cr_master_ping_remoteTRUEif TRUE, cr request from master will ping the remote holder
_gcs_crslave_check_time10time interval to check for load on cr slaves in seconds
_gcs_crslave_longq_cnt2000long queue time threshold for cr slave
_gcs_crslave_longq_us1000long queue time for cr slave in microseconds
_gcs_current_rdma1if greater than 0, rdma read of current blocks is enabled
_gcs_current_rdma_grant_globalTRUEif TRUE, enable rdma read of current blocks for global role
_gcs_disable_imc_preallocationFALSEdisable preallocation for imc memory requirement in RAC
_gcs_disable_remote_handlesFALSEdisable remote client/shadow handles
_gcs_disable_skip_close_remasteringFALSEif TRUE, disable skip close optimization in remastering
_gcs_dynamic_sgaFALSEif TRUE, enable dynamic cache fusion resources in runtime
_gcs_dynamic_sga_preference0gcs dynamic sga preference
_gcs_dynamic_slavesTRUEif TRUE, it enables dynamic adjustment of the number of gcs slaves
_gcs_enable_private_iteratorTRUEEnable private iterator for GCS locks
_gcs_fast_reconfigTRUEif TRUE, enable fast reconfiguration for gcs locks
_gcs_flash_cache_mode0flash cache mode
_gcs_freelists_alloc_percent0initial allocation of gcs freelists percentage of max usage
_gcs_integrity_checks1cache fusion integrity check level
_gcs_latches128number of gcs resource hash latches to be allocated per LMS process
_gcs_lsr_frequency60frequency of invoking lock state resolution in seconds
_gcs_min_cr_slaves0if non zero, it enables the minimum number of gcs slaves
_gcs_min_slaves0if non zero, it enables the minimum number of gcs slaves
_gcs_partial_open_mode1partial open cache fusion service in reconfiguration
_gcs_pkey_history16384number of pkey remastering history
_gcs_process_in_recoveryTRUEif TRUE, process gcs requests during instance recovery
_gcs_recoverable_asserts0if non-zero, enable recoverable assert resolution
_gcs_res_hash_bucketsnumber of gcs resource hash buckets to be allocated
_gcs_res_per_bucket4number of gcs resource per hash bucket
_gcs_reserved_resources400allocate the number of reserved resources in reconfiguration
_gcs_reserved_shadows400allocate the number of reserved shadows in reconfiguration
_gcs_resources0number of gcs resources to be allocated
_gcs_shadow_locks0number of gcs shadow locks to be allocated
_gcs_spin_check_instance_threshold30threshold timeout to dump proc in spin check in seconds
_gcs_spin_check_threshold4096spin check attempt count
_gcs_spin_check_time_interval300spin check time interval in seconds
_gcs_testing0GCS testing parameter
_gcs_trace_bucketFALSETRUE: use GCS trace bucket and trace LOW by default, FALSE: use default bucket but trace only if enabled
_gcs_trace_bucket_sizeLMS:1048576-RMV:1048576-CRV:1048576-DBW:524288size of the GCS trace bucket in bytes (format: "LMS:-RMV:-CRV:-DBW:")
_gcs_track_reliable_block_sendsFALSEif TRUE, track block lost on reliable interconnect
_gcs_verify_antilockFALSEif TRUE, enable anti-lock check
_gdr_clear_active_onlyFALSEGDR: Clear active ranges only
_gdr_clear_inactive_onlyFALSEGDR: Clear inactive ranges only
_gdr_control_flags0gdr control flags
_gds_allow_nullkey0allow the use of nullable shard key columns
_gds_chunk_num0number of chunks in sharding environment
_gds_lddlid0the id of the last executed DDL query
_gds_max_chunk_num0max chunk_num used in sharding environment
_gds_shardgroup_id0shardgroup database is in
_generalized_pruning_enabledTRUEcontrols extensions to partition pruning for general predicates
_ges_dd_debug1if 1 or higher enables GES deadlock detection debug diagnostics
_ges_default_lmds*default lmds for enqueue hashing
_ges_designated_masterTRUEdesignated master for GES and GCS resources
_ges_diagnosticsTRUEif TRUE enables GES diagnostics
_ges_diagnostics_asm_dump_level11systemstate level on global enqueue diagnostics blocked by ASM
_ges_direct_freeFALSEif TRUE, free each resource directly to the freelist
_ges_direct_free_res_typestring of resource types(s) to directly free to the freelist
_ges_dump_open_locksFALSEif TRUE, dump open locks for the LCK process during shutdown
_ges_fgglTRUEDLM fg grant lock on/off
_ges_freeable_res_chunk_freeTRUEif TRUE, free dynamic resource chunks which are freeable
_ges_freeable_res_chunk_free_interval180time interval for freeing freeable dynamic resource chunks
_ges_gather_res_reuse_statsFALSEif TRUE, gather resource reuse statistics
_ges_hash_groups*enqueue hash table groups
_ges_health_check0if greater than 0 enables GES system health check
_ges_lmd_mapping*enqueue to lmd mapping
_ges_mseq_demo0demo mseq wrap scenarios (dflt is 0)
_ges_nres_divide0how to divide number of enqueue resources among hash tables
_ges_num_blockers_to_kill1number of blockers to be killed for hang resolution
_ges_optimizations3GES optimizations level
_ges_resource_memory_opt4enable different level of ges res memory optimization
_ges_server_processes1number of background global enqueue server processes
_ges_vbfreelists0number of valueblock freelists (will be adjusted to power of 2)
_global_hang_analysis_interval_secs10the interval at which global hang analysis is run
_globaldict_analyzer_pct100Maximum percentage of unique values in analyzer phase for GD
_globaldict_chain_limit32Chain limit for global dictionary
_globaldict_check0Dictionary checking
_globaldict_chunk_minallocFALSEForce minimum chunk allocation size
_globaldict_dbg0Global dictionary debug modes
_globaldict_enable2Enable segment dictionary
_globaldict_max_gdsize1073741824Maximum number of entries in a Global dictionary
_globaldict_reprobe_limit1Reprobe limit for global dictionary
_globaldict_use_ndvTRUEUse NDV for sizing global dictionary, if available
_globalindex_pnum_filter_enabledTRUEenables filter for global index with partition extended syntax
_grant_read_instead_of_selectFALSEgrant read privilege instead of select wherever applicable
_grant_secure_roleFALSEDisallow granting of SR to other SR or NSR
_grant_unlimited_tablespace_roleFALSEAllow UNLIMITED TABLESPACE privilege grant to database roles
_group_membership_bucket_batch_size8ksimpoll group membership bucket batch size
_group_membership_bucket_scan_timeout5ksimpoll group membership bucket scan timeout
_group_membership_entries_per_bucket100ksimpoll group membership entries per bucket
_groupby_nopushdown_cut_ratio3groupby nopushdown cut ratio
_groupby_orderby_combine5000groupby/orderby don't combine threshold
_gs_anti_semi_join_allowedTRUEenable anti/semi join for the GS query
_gsmGSM descriptions
_gsm_config_vers0version of gsm config
_gsm_cpu_thresh75CPU busy threshold
_gsm_drv_interval30metric derived values interval
_gsm_max_instances_per_db8maximum number of instances per database in gsm cloud
_gsm_max_num_regions10maximum number of regions in gsm cloud
_gsm_pool_size134217728Global Shared Memory size
_gsm_region_listList of GSM Regions
_gsm_srlat_thresh20Single block read latency threshold
_gsm_srvctl_diag_time0gsm invoked srvctl pre-timeout diagnostic time
_gsm_srvctl_timeout0gsm invoked srvctl timeout
_gsm_svcrgnmax100Maximum Service x Region statistics
_gsm_thresh_respct50threshold resource percentage
_gsm_thresh_zone10threshold zone
_gwm_autoons_ha_subscriptionAutoONS HA notification subscription string
_gwm_autoons_rlb_subscriptionAutoONS RLB notification subscription string
_gwm_database_flagsGWM Database Flags
_gwm_db_unique_namegsm db_unique_name name
_gwm_disable_raFALSEOracle internal parameter
_gwm_int_dbnum0GWM internal db id
_gwm_lagtypegsm lag type
_gwm_spare1gsm spare 1
_gwm_spare20gsm spare 2
_gwm_spare30gsm spare 3
_gwm_sys_ddl0allow DDL as SYS
_gwm_use_srvctl0use srvctl for service mnagement
_gws_cache_version0the shard/catalog cache version.
_gws_catalog_wallet0the sharding catalog has a wallet
_gws_deployed0the shardb/catalog has been deployed for sharding.
_gws_encddl0Encrypt DDL text.
_gws_sharding_method0Sharding method used (system-managed/user-defined/composite)
_hang_allow_resolution_on_single_nonracDBRMHang Management allow resolution on single non-RAC instances
_hang_analysis_num_call_stacks3hang analysis num call stacks
_hang_analyze_elapsed_time_limit1800Hang Analyze elapsed time limit in seconds
_hang_analyze_oradebug_time_limit900timeout for oradebug invoked hang analysis
_hang_appl_issue_session_threshold0Hang Management application issue session threshold
_hang_application_hang_resolution_enabledFALSEHang Management application related hang resolution enabled
_hang_asm_hang_resolution_enabledFALSEHang Management ASM hang resolution enabled
_hang_base_file_count5Number of trace files for the normal base trace file
_hang_base_file_space_limit100000000File space limit for current normal base trace file
_hang_blocked_session_percent_threshold20Hang Manager fast-track blocked session percent threshold
_hang_bool_spare1TRUEHang Management bool 1
_hang_bool_spare2TRUEHang Management bool 2
_hang_bool_spare3TRUEHang Management bool 3
_hang_cpu_hung_thresh_sec120Hang Manager threshold for resmgr:cpu quantum