Saturday, September 26, 2009

Exploring EMC Storage: Introducing Symmetrix Software

EMC Solutions Enabler Kit

Contains all the base management software that provides a host with SYMAPI-shared libraries and the basic Symmetrix command line interface (SYMCLI)

What is SRDF?

The Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) is a business continuity solution to replicate between Symmetrix storage arrays.

SRDF currently supports the followin modes of operation:
  1. Synchronous mode (SRDF/S)
  2. Asynchronous mode (SRDF/A)
  3. Adaptive copy mode (transferring data regardless of order/consistency)

What is EMC TimeFinder?

TimeFinder is replicating data within a Symmetrix storage array.

  • TimeFinder/Mirror - Genral monitor and control operations for Business continuance Volumes (BCV)
  • TimeFinder/CG - Consistency groups
  • TimeFinder/Clone - Clone copy
  • TimeFinder/Snap - Snap copy

What is PowerPath?

PowerPath is host-based software that works with networked storage systems to intelligently manage I/O paths. PowerPath manages multiple paths to a storage array. Supporting multiple paths enables recovery from path failure because PowerPath automatically detects path failures and redirects I/O to other available paths.

A key feature of path management in PowerPath is dynamic, multipath load balancing.

What is EMC Replication Manager?

Replication Manager has a generic storage technology interface that allows it to connect and invoke replication methodologies available on:

  • EMC Symmetrix arrays
  • EMC CLARiiON arrays
  • HP StorageWorks arrays

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