Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News: End of Service Life Status for Solaris Operating System

Currently Status:

Solaris 8: 10/3/08 (LS), 10/23/10(Phase 1), 10/23/13 (Phase 2)
Solaris 9: 10/30/09 (LS), 10/30/11(Phase 1), 10/30/14 (Phase 2)
Solaris 10: TBD for LS, Phase1/2

As shown above in Figure 1, the Solaris life cycle is defined by seven major events:
General Availability (GA): This represents when a new version, e.g. Solaris 10, becomes available in the market.
End of Life (EOL) Pre-Notification: When Sun can provide the first notification to customers that it will be announcing the EOL of a milestone version. At this time, the date of the final EOL announcement is set to be one year later1.
End of Life (EOL) Announcement: When Sun announces that it will stop active development of a milestone version. The period from GA to the EOL announcement is at least four years and six months, and could be longer. EOL announcement triggers the start of a 90 day Last Order period.
Last Order Date (LOD): Marks the end of a 90 day period after the EOL announcement during which customers can place their final orders for the product. Note: customers can continue to purchase and renew regular support contracts until End of Service Life (E7).
Last Ship Date (LSD): Marks the 90 day period after LOD for Sun to ship the EOL product to customers. LSD marks the formal start of the five year Retirement Phase of that product.
E5 to E6.
Phase 1: Phase 1 support will provide contract customers with full remedial support, accepting requests for enhancements and cosmetic bugs. Solaris SW updates, formerly known as patches, will be created as needed, and SunAlerts and recommended Patch Clusters will be maintained through the end of Phase 1. You will continue to receive the same level of support that you received before the product End-Of-Lifed.
E6 to E7.
Phase 2: Contract customers will continue to receive online and telephone support and have access to pre-existing Solaris SW updates (patches). Pre-existing means Solaris SW updates created prior to start of Phase 2. Sun may offer the option to purchase a Solaris Vintage Patch Service during Phase 2.


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